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Journal of Peak Existence


Hi, friends. That was weird. Honestly, I’ve written this post in my head a few times now. There’s bound to be lots of hot takes about 2020 and I don’t know if I necessarily have tons of new thoughts to contribute about this year on a macro level. It was weird. It was painful. It […]

2020 was something else! Here are some of my favorite imagees from the adventure weddings and elopements to inspire your elopement planning and dreams.

Mountain Engagement Photos on the Pacific Crest Trail Palm Springs Engagement Photos Oh, February 2020! You were a different time. This was my last photo session before the world went topsy turvy. These two flew out from Chicago to Palm Springs for their engagement pics. We weighed the pros and cons of different places around […]

Want epic mountian engagement photos? These mountain engagement photos on the Pacific Crest Trail are the perfect adventerous engagement photo inspiration.

Iceland Aimee Flynn Photo | Iceland Elopement Photographer There are many things I love about this job of mine but one of the best things about being an elopement photographer is the meeting new people and the sharing of adventures. These two traveled from Poland for a mini vacation to Iceland. This is what I […]

I met up with this sweet couple while we road tripped around the famous Ring Road in Iceland. Adventure and snuggles made me a very happy elopement photographer!

Salt River, Arizona Aimee Flynn Photo | Adventure Elopement Photographer Nicole and Logan’s Desert Oasis Adventure Session Last spring, in preparation of launching my Arizona elopement photographer business, I attended an adventure wedding workshop hosted my some photographers I reeeeally look up to. I remember prior to leaving gushing about how excited I was to […]

Arizona Elopement Photographer I’ve talked about my love of the Mogollon Rim before and these adventurous, sun-soaked forest engagement photos just underscored and highlighted why I love this spot so much. The rim is near Payson in the middle of Tonto National Forest and it’s SUCH a great spot for an adventure session or an […]

Believe it or not these adventurous Pine Forest Engagment photos were taken in Arizona. The Mogollon Rim is the perfect spot for adventure and forest vibes.

Elopement Style Vow Renewal In recent years elopements, adventure weddings, and adventure sessions have really taken off. I know that when I got married I had no idea adventure weddings were even a thing, and if I *had* it’s very, very likely my wedding day would have looked very different. This is sentiment I’ve heard […]

The Arizona desert sky really showed off for this one! Check out Emmy + Keal's beautiful red rock Sedona Elopement-Style vow renewal.

And now we head north for Part II of Michael and Todd’s epic Arizona Adventure Session! (If you haven’t seen Part I, check it out here!) Michael and Todd really wanted to see Antelope Canyon during their trip, so I tagged along for a group tour (note: the group tours in Antelope are crazy crowded […]

Here's part II of Michael and Todd's Arizona Adventure Session! We adventured to Northern Arizona for stunning slot canyons and iconic Horseshoe Bend!

Michael and Todd visited from Chicago in April, which in the midwest is a month that feels like it should be gearing up towards summer but always somehow winds up more like winter. They requested epic views and fun hikes so, jamming as much into the experience we drove north to Sedona and then later […]

Michael and Todd traded cold midwest weather for sunny, epic views during their Hiking Adventure session in Sedona Arizona.

I remember sitting across the table from Drew and Angelica as they told me to brace myself for their vision for their adventure maternity session. I remember being a little nervous. Brace myself? Oh, lord. But then they said the most magical words. “Editorial Vogue Wakanda” And I about fell out of my chair. Vogue […]

Drew and Angelica's vision for their Adventure Maternity Session was Editorial Vogue Wakanda and they were every bit as fierce as their vision suggested!

Arizona comes in all shapes and sizes. She has forests, deserts, lakes, snow, fields of flowers, rivers, and canyons. Oh, Arizona’s Canyons. And I’m not even talking about her most famous canyon. There are a tone of rad places in Arizona, but Page Arizona is *the place* for a slot canyon adventure session. (And if […]

This winter slot canyon adventure session is jam-packed with emotions. Slot Canyons provide the perfect adventurous backdrop for engagements and elopements.