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Moab Climbing Adventure Wedding 


Taft Point Yosemite Elopement


Elopement in Zion Under the stars


— Ryan + Styhiln

Aimée is absolutely the most amazing photographer. But it doesn't stop there; she is also just an amazing, kind, and caring individual. From the beginning with our first consultation, she was so cheery and knowledgeable. We decided to elope in Yosemite, even though we had never been there before. Aimée was always two steps ahead; she knew what permits we needed, who to talk to the whole nine yards. She was always available and responsive to any questions we had. Then came the big day! Immediately upon meeting her, I knew we were in good hands. It felt like we were with an old friend; the day was full of laughter and happiness. She has a special talent for truly capturing a moment, the rawness, the intimacy. She knew how to make the light and nature work in such unique ways. I could not have even imagined how amazing the photos came out from our day. I am so beyond grateful for her kindness and absolutely stunning work. Our elopement was truly EPIC, thanks to Aimée.
Aimée was always two steps ahead...

— Giselle + Sean

We cannot say enough good things about Aimée Flynn- she is the best wedding photographer ever!! We worked with her long distance, and she was attentive to every last detail. We wanted our intimate day outside in the national parks to be special, and Aimée made it happen. Not only were the pictures amazing- she took special care in picking out just the right spots with the best light at the perfect times of day- but she also managed to capture the spirit of the day- our desire to be with each other in the moment and focus on each other and the future together that we were committing to in exchanging our vows. We loved every moment of our wedding day celebration thanks to Aimée, and I hope everyone who gets married can have such an awesome and fulfilling celebration!
She took care in picking out just the right spots with the best light...

— Desi + Devon

Aimée is not just a photographer; she is a dream maker! From the moment we first contacted her she was prompt in her responses, she made sure we knew we were a priority. We were sold after our first consultation call with Aimée. She was so excited for us, you could hear it in her voice, so cheerful and ready to make our special day happen. Aimée had a very balanced approach to each step of the process, taking the things we wanted but also offering solid suggestions when we were unsure of certain elements. She provided so many well-constructed resources for elopement sites, vendors, timeline, etc. All the interactions we had with her put us at ease, including the big day. We not only had those intimate moments, but we also had a BLAST! By the end of the day it seemed like we were just hanging out with an old friend, with the bonus of having jaw-dropping photos. We could go on about how amazing Aimée is, but experience her for yourself and schedule a consultation!
She was so excited for us, you could hear it in her voice...

— Corey + Brys

If I could give her 100 stars I would! My wife and I opted to do an elopement for a more intimate experience with less stress, but there were still a lot of unknowns with the planning since we weren't familiar at all with the locations. Aimée made it SEAMLESS! We had several conversations with her in the months leading up to our trip about what experience we wanted, the location options, the time of year, etc. and she ended up presenting an itinerary that mapped out our entire day. Planning aside, she was also a godsend day-of. I was a bit anxious about having someone following me around photographing me all day, but it ended up just feeling like we had one of our close friends around and in the most intimate moments we didn't even know she was there. I could go on and on about our experience with her, but if you're at all even CONSIDERING doing an elopement wedding you should just stop looking elsewhere and contact Aimée.
...feeling like we had one of our close friends around...

— Leyla + Lance

Aimée was an incredible person to work with and truly brought our vision to life on how we wanted our wedding photos to look. Leading up to the day, she was extremely organized and responsive to any questions we had. She provides a thorough questionnaire that allows you to express how you envision the elopement/adventure session day and she even cared about getting to know us as a couple by including questions about our lives and how we met. On the day of she allowed us to just be ourselves and it helped us get comfortable in front of the camera since nothing was strictly posed. We also had no problem laughing and shaking off the initial awkwardness because Aimée would let out several shrieks of joy due to the sunrise lighting and beautiful Horseshoe Bend scenery. You can definitely tell that photography is her passion, but I was blown away by how important it is to her that her clients are happy and enjoying the session as well. The gallery we received exceeded our expectations and we are grateful to have spent that fun morning with her!
I was blown away by how important it is to her that her clients are happy...

— Michael + Todd

For our trip to Arizona, Aimée planned a series of hikes and views around Sedona & Page. Not only was she able to manage guiding us through challenging excursions, but she did so while taking beautiful photographs and being an amazing friend. Our journey was filled with jaw dropping and endless laughter which are the focus of her photos. She captured moments of genuine emotions, as opposed to posed smiles, which created a visual representation of our trip that continues to spark our memories. Despite our sadness to leave Arizona at the end of our trip, the best part of coming home was seeing the many moments from her perspective that we didn't know she was documenting. We look back on our trip with nothing but smiles and gratitude for the perfect journey that Aimée was able to provide us.
She captured moments of genuine emotions, as opposed to posed smiles...

— Cass + Mike

You will not find a better human being or photographer than Aimée. She was so fun to work with, plus she knew exactly where and when to be for the most insane sunsets we’ve ever seen in the mountains (hello alpenglow!). Aimée came in clutch with being super prepared as well, think: snacks, sunscreen, planning + logistics, safety gear, water — literally everything to have a safe and comfortable experience! As someone who feels super awkward in front of the camera, I was blown away by how quickly she made us both feel at ease and connected with each other. The whole experience felt like we were friends on an epic adventure and Aimée was there documenting the whole journey! It truly felt like we were just exploring, laughing, and taking it all in. And the photos, OH MY GOSH, we are still in awe of how perfectly she captured our personalities in that wild environment. We keep looking at the photos and feel a mixture of “dang we look EPIC” and “that is so US right there”! If you are looking for a friendly photographer who will take you on a rad adventure and capture your truest selves in an epic way, Aimée is your person!
The whole experience felt like we were friends on an epic adventure...
“The only thing we every really own is our story. Let’s make it a good one.”