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Journal of Peak Existence


Off the Beaten Path Elopement Phoenix Elopement Photographer Oh man, this location. Was. A. Dream. I use a lot of resources and spend a lot of time location scouting out here around Phoenix. There are tons of well known spots for desert elopements that are a mere, 1, 2, or 4 hours from Phoenix (Like […]

There are tons of gorgeous places to elope in the desert, but this gorgeous overlook is special. If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path for your elopement, this inspiration is for you.

Arizona Elopement Photographer Picking Your Dream Adventure Wedding Dress I’m not going to lie to you, I am STOKED to write this post. Ever since I was a little kid I have been a massive lover of pretty dresses and was 100% that person collecting wedding magazines at an early age JUST to look at […]

The bride flicks her flowy skirt. A joshua tree silhouettes her wedding dress.

Why I am an elopement and adventure wedding photographer. I went back and forth many, many times on if I should publish or even write this post. I’ve written it in my head dozens of times but putting it out there into the world seemed pretty vulnerable and didn’t seem, I don’t know, professional? But […]

Desert Elopement Photographer Aimee Flynn Photo A Dream Desert Elopement Location Saguaro Lake was one of the first adventures I took when moved out to Phoenix so it has a special place in my heart. The Salt River feeding massive lake, the desert mountains, the saguaro’s waving hello from the shore, and the wild horses […]

Saguaro Lake is a hidden gem of a desert elopement location. Check out this elopement for all your desert elopement inspiration.

How to Include Family and Friends in Your Elopement Arizona Elopement Photographer I think a lot of people feel torn between two equally important forces in their lives. “I would love to elope, but I can’t imagine getting married without my parents there.” Friends. You can have both! If having to pick between having your […]

Listen friends, I am here to tell you that eloping with your family and friends IS POSSIBLE. Here are my favorite ways to include your fam in your big day.

Arizona Elopement Photographer The Top Reasons to Elope There are so many reasons that eloping is a good idea! I’m obviously hopeless biased (and could probably talk about it for hours) but seriously, eloping is the best. Whether you’re 100% certain eloping is for you, or it’s just an inkling, I wanted to talk about […]

A bride and groom lean in for a kiss during their hiking elopement. A bouquet peeks out of the grooms pack.

Elopements in Arizona and Beyond Aimee Flynn Photo Fun fact about me: I have a REALLY hard time picking favorites. Like, in any capacity; favorite food? I’ll provide a list. Favorite movie? Yeah right. I was hoping that maybe as an Adventure Wedding and Elopement photographer that maybe, *maybe* it would be less difficult? Then […]

It's my Best of 2019 post! So excited to share this with you; 2019 is the year I rebranded as an Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photographer!

Iceland Aimee Flynn Photo | Iceland Elopement Photographer There are many things I love about this job of mine but one of the best things about being an elopement photographer is the meeting new people and the sharing of adventures. These two traveled from Poland for a mini vacation to Iceland. This is what I […]

I met up with this sweet couple while we road tripped around the famous Ring Road in Iceland. Adventure and snuggles made me a very happy elopement photographer!

Sedona, Arizona Aimee Flynn Photo| Adventure Elopement Photographer How to Elope in Sedona So! You’re thinking of getting married in Sedona! I’m hopelessly biased (I freaking love Sedona) but it’s super easy to see why. Sedona is an amazing place for an elopement; it’s the quintessential southwest setting and is absolutely bursting with color; insane […]

If you're planning a Sedona Elopement, then this is the guide for you. Everything you need to know about planning a small Sedona Wedding can be found here.

AZ Elopement Photographer In pursuit of Peak Existence For most of my life I never really got the hype about Thanksgiving. It was a day I got off of school (yay!) and I got to see my fam (also yay) but like… I don’t know. It was never my fave. This could have something do […]