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What You Need for Your Elopement Day ChecklistContentsWhat You Need for Your Elopement Day ChecklistElopement Timeline Examples2 Day Intimate Wedding in Moab8 Hour Jeeping Elopement in SedonaQuick 4 Hour Elopement in Yosemite Some Elopement Timeline Planning Tips Don’t underestimate those transition times. Build extra time into your day. Create the elopement timeline *you want*, not […]

Figuring out your elopement timeline can be tricky! This post is full of example elopement timelines and timeline tips and tricks!

Laid Back Hiking Elopement with Doggos! Sometimes you elope somewhere so that it becomes special… and sometimes you elope somewhere because *it already is* special. The second was definitely the case for Stephanie and Jeremy, who chose to have their hiking elopement in a small town the loved and on the Arizona Trail. It made […]

This dog friendly hiking elopement in Southern Arizona uses the Arizona Trail as a perfect back drop for this chill and emotional elopement.

An Arches National Park Wedding and Sunset Celebration This Arches National Park Wedding was so perfect you would never expect it was not the original plan. It seems it’s the narrative of 2020 that plans are made… and then plans change. And this wonderful elopement was no exception. When Haley and David reach out to […]

A Canyonlands National Park Wedding and Sunrise Adventure Oh my goodness, these two amazing humans. I knew from our very first phone call, when Christopher answered the phone on an early Saturday morning and the very first thing he said (sang) was, “Goooooooood Mooorniiiiiiing!” that we were going to get along *great.* And I’m so […]

This Canyonlands National Park Wedding is bursting with color and fun. From stunning scenery to AMAZING style- this canyonlands elopement has it all.

Mountain Engagement Photos on the Pacific Crest Trail Palm Springs Engagement Photos Oh, February 2020! You were a different time. This was my last photo session before the world went topsy turvy. These two flew out from Chicago to Palm Springs for their engagement pics. We weighed the pros and cons of different places around […]

Want epic mountian engagement photos? These mountain engagement photos on the Pacific Crest Trail are the perfect adventerous engagement photo inspiration.

How to Elope in Phoenix ContentsHow to Elope in Phoenix Aimee Flynn Photo | Phoenix Elopement Photograher When Should You Elope in PhoenixPhoenix Elopement LocationsSalt RiverSaguaro LakeSuperstition MountainsOff the Beaten Path/A Bit Further AfieldWhere Should I Stay During My Phoenix Elopement Phoenix HotelsPhoenix Airbnb’sPhoenix Elopement PackagesHere are my Phoenix Elopement Packages: Aimee Flynn Photo | […]

The couple elopes in Phoenix and walks in the desert at sunset.

How to Plan your Elopement During COVID19: Coronavirus FAQContentsHow to Plan your Elopement During COVID19: Coronavirus FAQUpdated July 4thAre you currently booking elopements? What Precautions are You Taking?Elopements are so small. Don’t they make sense right now as a big wedding alternative?Is it wise to book our elopement with so much uncertainty going on? Updated […]

Off the Beaten Path Elopement Oh man, this location. Was. A. Dream. I use a lot of resources and spend a lot of time location scouting out here around Phoenix. There are tons of well known spots for desert elopements that are a mere, 1, 2, or 4 hours from Phoenix (Like the Superstitions, Sedona, […]

There are tons of gorgeous places to elope in the desert, but this gorgeous overlook is special. If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path for your elopement, this inspiration is for you.

How to Pick Out Your Dream Elopement DressContentsHow to Pick Out Your Dream Elopement DressFactor #1: Being Able to Breathe Factor #2: Being Able to MoveFactor #4: Being ComfortableFactor #3: (I want to highlight one very important thing) Wear What You Love. Full Stop.Best Elopement Wedding Dress DesignersSustainability First: Reclamation Boho Dreams: Rue de Seine […]

The bride flicks her flowy skirt. A joshua tree silhouettes her wedding dress.

Why I am an elopement and adventure wedding photographer. I went back and forth many, many times on if I should publish or even write this post. I’ve written it in my head dozens of times but putting it out there into the world seemed pretty vulnerable and didn’t seem, I don’t know, professional? But […]