My Queenstown Elopement Style Vow Renewal

Aimee Flynn’s 10 Year Vow Renewal in Queenstown!

Ya’ll. I am *so* excited to be sharing this blog with you all today. It’s a little different. For five years I’ve shared elopements, anniversary sessions, micro-weddings, and personal adventures. But today? I’m sharing my own Queenstown Elopement Style Vow Renewal. This past December Rob and I ventured back to the place that started it all to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Before I go any further I must make mention of my dear friends Traci and Malachi, who took these images. It was so so special to have them both be a part of this day (shout out to Malachi for doing my hair!) and also to take these images which I honestly treasure. It was SO fun to be on the other side of the camera and have this very important and special day documented this way. Thank you both so much for taking these images, my friends.

Photo Cred: + (all edited by me).

A lot can (and has) happened in 10 years. We’ve been through a lot together- great successes and wild moments of happiness, as well as massive loss and heartbreak. Our lives look so different now and I am so in love with this life we’ve built. And while I was STOKED for the photos (hi, have you meet me?) I was honestly just so excited to renew our vows in our Queenstown Elopement style vow renewal. I said it in New Zealand and I’ll say it now- I’m more excited to be married now, than I was to get married then (and I was pretty excited, believe me). ⁠

It was honestly so so meaningful to honor the past 10 years, and look ahead with excitement. We picked a spot that was meaningful for us from our last trip (though we had to switch up our plans at the last minute, but in Aimee Flynn Photo fashion the back up wound up more magical than what the original plan!) ⁠

We sat in the side of a braided river and ate pizza. Got dressed and did another first look (Rob’s idea- he famously botched our original first look). Then drove to a massive valley with 360 mountain views. We walked through the river and said our vows with seagulls screaming being us, wind whipping our hair. I cried when I read mine; Robs vows were entirely Taylor Swift lyrics. ⁠

We danced to our first dance song from our wedding (All I Want is You by U2) then danced to Mine by Taylor Swift. We shared wine from tin cups and took photos as the light left the sky. ⁠

The next day we adventured around the place that inspired it all- Milford Sound, and settled into the DREAMIEST lodging situation I’ve ever experienced, Milford Lodge.

It was honestly perfect. Relaxed. Silly. Fun. In a Lord of the Rings location. 10/10, no notes. ⁠

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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    I just love the colors and the energy in your images! What a beautiful gallery <3

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