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You have to consider these six epic places to elope in Utah! If you love the desert vibes and are curious where you could tie the knot read this.

Eight Epic Places to Elope in Utah

Eight Epic Places to Elope in Utah: Updated for 2021

So. You’re thinking of eloping in Utah. Friend? That is quite honestly the BEST FREAKING DECISION. Utah is stuffed full of amazing places to elope- some super familiar and some that are total hidden gems. The whole western United States are basically a candy store of stunning elopement destinations. You could probably throw a dart at a map and wherever you hit is almost guaranteed to be an epic location, but Utah is special. Sometimes it feels like adventure lives here- whether you ski, hike, climb, cannoneer, float, snowshoe, or even fly…. There is SO MUCH TO SEE HERE and Utah really is the perfect place to elope.

Home to the Mighty 5 (Utah’s five National Parks- Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef) there is an absolute abundance of beauty in this gem of a state. There’s also 40 (yes… 40) state parks and over 20 million acres of public land. And the scenery here is so unbelievable diverse. There are there distinct and different geographical regions- The Rocky Mountains, The Great Basin, and The Colorado Plateau. This means that in the state of Utah you’ve got snow capped mountains, stunning desert vistas, deep canyons, sloping sandstone walls, groves of aspens, sand dunes…it’s pretty ridiculous all Utah has to offer. I know I’m hopeless biased here because I love this epic state- so I’m here to spill the beans on Utah, all this place offers, and show you what a great place Utah is to Elope.

Four Places to Elope in Utah You May Have Heard Of…

Whether or not you are a Utah local, you’ve likely heard of this places (and with good reason!) They are incredible (iconic even) and deserve every inch of the attention they get.

Moab National Parks

Oh, Moab. Land of stunning desert and adventure. You have my heart. (I actually have a whole blog post dedicated to this rad as hell town, so that’s definitely something to check out if Moab speaks to you as a place to elope in Utah.) Moab is home to two spectacular National Parks; Arches and Canyonlands. It’s hard not to fall in love with either of these two places. Whether you want sweeping desert cliffs or want to really “get amongst the rock” you can find what you’re looking for here.

Arches is the more popular but also smaller of the two. The famous Delicate Arch lives here (along with Double Arch which is in the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…something that entertains me to no end). Arches is an extremely popular place, largely because of their truly iconic arches. It’s a great place to elope in Utah, but know that if you are averse to crowds this location could prove tricky (but not impossible!). The park is so popular that it actually reaches capacity around 8:30/9:00am and then closes to visitors. For this reason it’s really only suitable for a sunrise or sunset experience (which *high* emphasis on sunrise). There are also only a handful of spots you can have a ceremony in Arches, so that’s something to be aware of, too!

Canyonlands is the much bigger of the two parks, and as such is much easier to find some quiet alone space. Most folks stick to the Island in the Sky (home to Mesa Arch, Grand View Point, and Green River overlook) which is known for it’s stunning vistas- but there is a whole world of canyons below and the Needles district which is super out of the way… but super cool and not very crowded. I *love* Canyonlands. Ceremonies are limited to a few spots in the Island in the Sky, but there is so much to explore and see in this park:

Best in: March, April, early May, September, October.

Fun Activities: Off-roading, hiking, canyoneering, base-jumping, rock climbing, sky diving.

Nearest Major Airport: Salt Lake City (though Moab does have a tiny airport)

Zion National Park

Located in the southwestern corner of Utah sits the third most visited National Park in the United States. Zion is a beautiful place to elope with it’s sandstone walls, winding river, and incredible overlooks. Utah as many different kinds of desert and while Moab is stark and Mars-like, Zion is full of trees, plants, and wildlife. The nearby towns of Springdale and St. George offer a great home base and a handful of really amazing vendors (like By Bloomers– who makes some of the most stunning bouquets EVER).

I kind of think of it as the Yosemite of the southwest- the main feature of Zion is a valley and that is where a lot of folks wind up spending their time (and is where famous hikes like Angels Landing and The Narrows are), but there are other parts of the park (namely the east side of the park and the Kolob Canyon area) that are less busy and just as stunning as the more popular valley. Also important to note that for most of the year, the only way to access the valley is via the parks shuttle system. I’m a huge fan of Zion in the late fall, winter, and early spring- the weather is mild and the crowds are significantly decreased- and that way you can really experience the beauty of the park.

Here’s a gorgeous Zion Elopement if you want to see some real life elopement inspiration.

Best in: February, March, April, early May, late October, November.

Fun Activities: Hiking, exploring slot canyons.

Nearest Major Airport: Las Vegas

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is a great place to elope in Utah, and it flies a little under the radar- I think this is an under rated spot for elopements here in Utah. I get such a kick out of the different versions of “desert” that Utah has to offer- Bryce is full of hoodoos, which a funky rock structures formed by the constant freeze/thaw of the area. The temperature range can be HUGE here- mornings and evenings are typically cool, even in the summer months and especially in the fall and spring. But there’s snow dusting the hoodoos- be excited. It looks honestly incredible.

Bryce does have some restrictions on where you can formally have a ceremony, but the options for portraits are endless. There’s something about the environment that is so funky and playful… while still having those epic overlooks. It’s also a higher elevation than a lot of the other desert spots on this list- which means it’s a lot more doable in the warmer months (especially at sunrise and sunset… I actually was wearing a coat there last August at sunrise!)

If you want a funky desert and an underrated spot for your Utah elopement, this Bryce Canyon is an awesome option.

Best in: July, August, September

Fun Activities: Hiking (like Fairyland Loop Trail and Navajo Loop Trail, camping)

Nearest Major Airport: Las Vegas or Salt Lake City

Lake Powell

Lake Powell technically shares some nearby iconic spots with Arizona (hello Horseshoe Bend) but it is technically in the most southern portion of Utah. And it is an AMAZING spot for elopements. The water cutting through the desert is so dramatic and stunning. And if you’re wanting adventure… this is such a great spot. The options are endless- you can rent a houseboat and explore nooks and crannies of the lake, you can off-road to lakeside cliffs, hike through epic slot canyons, and explore rocky shores. It’s- SO much fun. It’s wonderful especially in the spring and fall (in the summer it’s incredibly hot and the lake is full fo boats).

PRO TIP: Renting a houseboat is one of the best ways to explore Lake Powell- it’s a great way to access private spots, explore difficult to get to spots, and see the most of the area while doing minimal hiking and maximum exploring and being so close to where you sleep when done with adventures.

Want to see more Lake Powell Beauty? Here’s an epic adventure session to check out.

Best in: April and early May for a houseboat adventure. For land focused elopements, February, March, April, November, early December.

Fun Activities: Boating, hiking, camping, off-roading.

Nearest Airport: Scheduled flights are available into Page Airport (connecting through Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV)

…And Four Places to Elope in Utah That May be New to You


Kanab is actually located on the east side of Zion, and sits snuggling between the National Park and Lake Powell. It’s often thought of as the less exciting access point for Zion, but I think Kanab is an amazing place to elope in Utah all on it’s own. Including some nearby state parks, there are honestly incredible and true hidden gems- sand dunes, slot canyons, and off roading adventures are abound.

The sand dunes are so fun; it’s basically a giant sandbox you can run around and play in (and you can sandboard down the dunes!) There’s also slot canyons, lava flow fields, petrified sand dunes, forests… there’s so much to see in the area that *isn’t* Zion. Because Zion is amazing but it is crowded and poses logistical challenges, these are really amazing other options if you want to elope in Utah.

Best in: February, March, April, early May, late October, November

Fun Activities: Hiking, Camping, Sandboarding, Off-roading (so much off-roading!)

Nearest Major Airport: Las Vegas

Utah BLM Land

Bureau of Land Management Land. This is a huge swath of land that makes up large portions of Utah- 23 million acres to be exact. If you are looking for privacy and off-grid adventure, BLM land is a perfect fit for you. There’s something for everyone- exploring canyons, desert vistas, camping, biking, off-roading, hanging in your camper van, sharing a drink, and gazing at the stars.

Best in: Will depend on where you are in the state, but in general, April, early May, September, October are the best!

Fun Activities: Off-roading, hiking, canyoneering, base-jumping, rock climbing, sky diving. 

Nearest Major Airport: Depends on where in the state you are!

La Sal Mountains

Buckle in for these next two spots because it always stuns people to hear that there are places like this *in Utah.* The La Sal Mountains are actually super close to Moab, which I love because if you can’t decide between mountains or desert… you can literally have both. The La Sal’s a great in the winter for snow shoeing or snowball fights, green, vibrant and cool in the summer, and splashed with stunning swaths of yellow in the fall. There are overlooks (actually looking down in on the red rocks of Moab), lakes, and trails. It really is a stunning spot to elope in Utah.

Best in: July, August, September, October 

Fun Activities: Off-roading, hiking, canyoneering, base-jumping, rock climbing, sky diving. 

Nearest Major Airport: Salt Lake City (though Moab does have a tiny airport)

Wasatch Range

Up in northern Utah is a hidden gem of a spot. If you love mountains than this is the spot for you. Much of Utah is pretty hot in the summer- but here? You’re golden. With mountain peaks, lakes, waterfalls, and forests this is, in my humble opinion, a very under used spot for a mountain elopement. It seriously blows my mind that a place like Moab and a place like the Wasatch National Forest can exist in the same state. But that is the beauty of Utah and why it’s such a great place to elope.

Best in: Late June, July, and August

Fun Activities: Hiking, camping, backpacking, picnics 

Nearest Major Airport: Salt Lake City

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. I could fill a book with epic places to elope in UT. Here’s a few more pics, just to get those gears turning.

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  5. Sanne says:

    Utah is so freaking epic! All these locations are stunning! Beautiful work!

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    Moab and Zion are one of my favorites for sure! These are all incredible spots to elope in Utah!

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    i’m currently in utah and had no idea about the last few spots. i am definitely going to check them out!

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