The Astro Elopement Photography Intensive

The Astro Elopement Photography Intensive

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Learn to Capture the Cosmos.

Wedding Day Star Photos

I’m here to break down that process and walk you through every step (from planning to editing!) so your star photos can really shine. In the Elopement Astro Photography Intensive you'll learn: 

Magical, sparkly, and sometimes photography rubix cube — The ultimate technical elopement photography challenge. They are like a nesting doll of challenges.

— How to plan and prepare for the best skies and star photo. 
— Ways to best prepare your couple.
— What gear to bring (and how to maximize it's use!).
— The best settings to use.
— How to get the best photos in different night time situations (think moon cycle and milky way planning).
— Strategies to trouble-shoot common "in the moment" star photo hiccups.
— How to edit your star photos so they really shine.

“We’ve been excited about the whole day- but we’re most excited for these star photos. It’s why we hired you.”

- C + C, Aimee Flynn couple

From the desert to the mountains I’ve adventured with couples late into the night (or in the early pre-dawn hours) to capture them, their love, and the cosmos above. There’s such *magic* to star photos- and you can create that standout magic for your couples, too.  

Hey friends! I’m Aimee Flynn. Elopement photographer, nerd, and star photo super fan.

“To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered."