Here’s the thing. Yes, I am there to document your bold and amazing day. And I’m a whole bunch more than that.

Here’s a little bit of what else you get when with you book me, your adventure wedding hype woman and lover of wacky ideas. 

Meet Aimée.

Joy. Silliness. Adventure. Wearing chacos with socks. These are the things that make my heart go pitter patter... 

 Stoke. So much stoke. I get so excited when people do the things they really love or do the thing they’ve always wanted to do. I want to empower you to have the most fun on top of the world experience, whether it’s something you’ve never done before or favorite activity in the world.

You hire me? You are gonna have the most fun freaking possible. 

Therapist turned elopement Fairy Godmother: 

Human Golden Retriever:

your Co-Adventurer and Storyteller:

I’m an award-winning photographer and I’ve dedicated my life to documenting how huge and unreal places feel. But I can also say with 100% certainty that the experience of being in a place and feeling fully alive there is more valuable than just having a photo of it. Don’t worry… you’re going to get amazing photos, they are a result of the experience. Your experience, your *story*, is everything.

One of my super powers is pivoting and taking on elopement day plot twists without batting an eye. My priority is  making sure the pace and activities of the day are in alignment with what you want…and knowing how to pivot and change if things aren’t. Your minute to minute experience is my constant priority through every second of your day. 


I’m based out of Flagstaff Arizona but call any part of the desert my home-I’m a desert rat through and through. I was born and raised in Chicago and didn’t see my first cactus until my first visit to AZ when I was 22 (::gasp::). But the alien, complicated beauty of the desert took me totally by surprise and I fell completely head over heels in love with it. So much so that I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to the Midwest and my former career as a therapist, and headed west because it’s that important to me to chase the thing you love. And I love the mountains and sky and the smell of campfire at the end of a long day. I love this crazy planet we’re lucky enough to call home.

I’m always chasing my next Peak Existence…

Hey! I’m Aimée*!

I went to New Zealand with my husband and two of my very best friends and it changed everything for me. Every day was stuffed with new, amazing things: glow worm caves, glacial rapids, turquoise oceans, actual glaciers, and mountains that would blow your freaking mind. 

Every day we’d look at each other astonished, having just lived the best day of our lives. We started to say “peak existence.” The pinnacle of life, the best day ever, a day we felt more alive and happy than ever before. Peak existence. I remember saying to my husband after full-on ugly crying at how beautiful Milford Sound was. “Sorry,” I said. “But our wedding wasn’t the best day of my life.”

My husband nodded. “Nope,” he said. “Today is.”

A : Photographer, adventure seeker, LOTR connoisseur.
B: Earth based, always willing to travel.

An Origin Story


The human behind Aimée Flynn Photo:

It’s so, so worth it.

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That’s what I’m chasing. And more importantly, that’s what I want for you. For your wedding day to be your actual best day ever.
Peak Existence. 
These peak existence on top of the world moments really matter. They matter so much while they are happening, and they matter down the road, long after the day has ended. Because here's the thing: You don’t have an infinite amount of somedays. The thing you long to do? You have to do it while you can.  Seize that freaking day. 
Embrace every second. 

Say yes to every weird and wacky idea. 


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