Just you, your favorite person on this great big earth, and the sky as your witness. 

They say your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. And I totally agree, but… take just a sec.

Think of the happiest days of your life so far. What do you see? Monogrammed cocktail napkins? Racing around in a rush? Meeting the demands and expectations of everyone but you? 

Be Bold.
What About This Instead?

Fresh mountain air and the salt of the sea. Sunshine, Freedom, and side splitting joy. A day you can fully inhabit just as you are. A day that leaves you awestruck. 

Yeah. That’s my jam. Because your wedding day should be the best freaking day of your life.



/pēk · iɡˈzistəns/

I'm Aimée, Arizona based adventure wedding and elopement photographer, fountain of useless nerd and movie trivia, and taker of the epic pics. But my role goes way beyond just grabbing rad photos (though there will be plenty of that for sure!) I’m here to walk you through every step leading up to your amazing wedding day experience; I’m your location scouter, gatherer of all in info, formal wear wrangler, & hype committee. 

I’m also a storyteller. Your storyteller. And yeah, I'm here for the rad, crazy, epic as hell moments but I’m also here, and quite honestly live for, those silly, wacky, off the cuff moments that adventure always brings. I'm here to tell your story in the epic and true  fashion it deserves.

Hey friend, I'm pumped that  you're here!


An epically wild + adventurous wedding day that is 100% your Peak Existence*


/pēk · iɡˈzistəns/

A : The highest or greatest point of one’s continued being.
B: The best frickin' day of your life!

A : The highest or greatest point of one’s continued being.
B: The best frickin' day of your life!

If you're sitting there thinking, "Aimee?! This sounds rad as hell but where do we start?"

I gotchu. Check out these elopement planning resources.

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Drew + Angelica

Aimée Flynn Photo is absolutely amazing! Aimée was a delight to work with and her passion for photography is like none other. My wife and I had a vision that seemed over the top and we honestly didn't have high expectations that she would capture it, but SHE DID! We took our maternity photos in Arizona. Our theme was, "Vogue Wakanda". We wanted the look of an African King and Queen preparing to bring their prince into the world. We told Aimee and she figured it out almost immediately. She will direct you to get just the right shot, she'll run fast, crouch down, stand on top of stuff, she'll practically risk her life for the perfect shot. Haha. She is passionate at her craft and takes joy in making your photo shoot memorable and beautiful. She is a pro and a pleasure to work with!

Michael + Todd

For our trip to Arizona, Aimée planned a series of hikes and views around Sedona & Page. Not only was she able to manage guiding us through challenging excursions, but she did so while taking beautiful photographs and being an amazing friend. Our journey was filled with jaw dropping and endless laughter which are the focus of her photos. She captured moments of genuine emotions, as opposed to posed smiles, which created a visual representation of our trip that continues to spark our memories. Despite our sadness to leave Arizona at the end of our trip, the best part of coming home was seeing the many moments from her perspective that we didn't know she was documenting. We look back on our trip with nothing but smiles and gratitude for the perfect journey that Aimée was able to provide us.

Emmy + Keal

Aimée is a dream to work with! No only does she have amazing skills to capture gorgeous photos, but she genuinely cares about you as a person. My husband and I wanted to do a vow renewal that was private and intimate. She was able to arrange a little surprise for me while coordinating with my husband to read out his vows in Spanish (my native tongue). She made sure to capture real and emotional moments and made everything run so smoothly. My favorite part of the day was at the beginning when she made us hold hands and look at each other while walking us through the experience making us feel comfortable. She truly takes the time to get to know you as a couple because she knows how important these moments are. Look no further, she is truly the best photographer in the desert. 

Amanda + Ben

Working with Aimee was an experience I will never forget! We were nervous before going to the shoot because we typically hate having our pictures taken. That feeling went away immediately upon starting the shoot. It became more about going on an adventure (that happened to be photographed) than it was about smiling for a camera. Aimee is so easy to work with and just about the loveliest and most down to earth person you would ever meet. The experience was just as amazing as the gorgeous photos that I will cherish forever. I cannot rave enough about this woman or her skills!
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