Ready for your Peak Existence Elopement?
Just you, your favorite person on this great big earth, and the sky as your witness. 



They say your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. And I totally agree, but… take just a sec.

Think of the happiest days of your life so far. What do you see? Monogrammed cocktail napkins? Racing around in a rush? Meeting the demands and expectations of everyone but you? 

Be Bold.
What About This Instead?

Fresh mountain air and the salt of the sea. Sunshine, Freedom, and side splitting joy. A day you can fully inhabit just as you are. A day that leaves you awestruck. 

Yeah. That’s my jam. Because you deserve a wedding day that's the best day of your life.


/pēk · iɡˈzistəns/

I'm Aimée Flynn, Arizona based elopement photographer and adventure wedding expert, former therapist who followed a wild dream landing me here: with the greatest job on earth . And my role goes way beyond just grabbing rad photos (though there will be plenty of that for sure!) I’m here to walk you through every step of your elopement planning process; I’m your location scouter, gatherer of all the info, formal wear wrangler, & hype committee. 

Hey friend, I'm so stoked that  you're here!

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An epically wild + adventurous wedding day that is 100% your Peak Existence*


/pēk · iɡˈzistəns/

A : The highest or greatest point of one’s continued being.
B: The best frickin' day of your life!

Here's a few Places My work's Been Honored

...Your experience is.
Plot Twist. 


I know, I know.

A wild thing for a photographer to say, right?

So don't get me wrong. You will get a whole gallery of epic and amazing photos. But those photos are the result of your experience... and your experience is *everything.* The best photos don't come from posing perfectly together- they come from having fun and doing the things you love in a place that inspires you, all alongside the person you love  most. 

The photos are never the point. They are a rad result of having the best day ever.  


If you're sitting there thinking, "Aimee?! This sounds rad as hell but where do we start?"

I gotchu. Check out these resources to help you plan your rad as heck elopement.

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Moab Elopement Planning Guide


6 Epic Places to Elope in Arizona


Sedona Elopement Planning Guide


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— Mary + justin

Where to begin?… let me start with advice to you. Book her. Book Aimee right now. Do not wait a second longer. You will not regret it. From the very beginning of planning our elopement, Aimee was amazing. She made the whole process seamless and so that it never felt overwhelming. She spent time getting to know us and what was important to us. In the week before our date when weather seamed it might not cooperate, she was all over it. We never felt like we needed to problem solve anything.  All her hard work translated into an elopement that was truly magical and one of our greatest adventures together. Not only did we have a day that felt like “us”, but we had a day that are so memorable in every way possible. If we could relive it all a thousand times we would still want to relive it more. Never once did we feel uncomfortable being photographed. We were consumed by every moment in the most delightful way. Aimee was our photographer, local guide, day of event planner keeping things on schedule so we didn’t have to, and our biggest fan. The day she gave us is more than we could have dreamed of and we are so thankful to her. We are left in awe by the pure magic of the day in every way possible.
The day she gave us is more than we could have dreamed of ...

— dan + lacey

Wow - where to start?! The pictures are beautiful and the day was amazing. We are so grateful to Aimée. It was like taking pictures with a really good friend who is also a knowledgeable guide and a great photographer. Aimée really exceeded our expectations (which were already pretty high!) and although the day would have been special no matter what, she took our elopement to the next level. Her attention to detail and suggestions for posing make the photos so beautiful and natural looking even when they are staged, and they capture the feeling of the day so we can have those memories for a lifetime. Beyond the photography, Aimée's help in planning the day and choosing the best spots along with her calming presence, excitement, and friendliness made the day so much better. Even though it was just us, we were both nervous about things going right, and Aimée made it feel so easy and natural. We never felt like we were on a schedule, and we were really able to relax and just enjoy the moment with each other. It was exactly what we wanted and we really could not have asked for anything more! We cannot recommend Aimée enough! She is super helpful, organized, communicative, knowledgeable, kind and fun. She'll help you articulate your vision for the day and you will have an experience you'll always remember
It was like taking pictures with a really good friend

— Michelle + Scott

There are photographers, and then there's Aimée – a magician behind the lens, especially for those who dare to dream of an adventure elopement. She crafted the most intimate and awe-inspiring wedding experience for us in Zion National Park. We embarked on a sunrise hike in 27-degree weather, covering 5 miles over the course of the day. Aimée was not just our photographer; she was our guide, our cheerleader, and our problem solver. Her preparation for the elements and her positive attitude kept us going, turning what could have been challenging moments into cherished memories.

Aimée's vision, adventurousness, and meticulous planning allowed us to have these magical moments. Her immense talent and buoyant spirit captured not just images but the essence of our love and the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes. She’s more than a photographer; she’s an artist and a storyteller who brings your dream elopement to life.

If you're dreaming of an elopement that's as adventurous and unique as your love story, look no further than Aimée. She will exceed your expectations, not just with the stunning photos but with the entire experience. We will forever sing her praises from the mountain tops and recommend her to anyone wanting to turn their elopement into an unforgettable adventure.

She’s an artist and a storyteller who brings your dream elopement to life


I 1,000% recommend Aimee to any and all couples. She’s more than an amazing photographer, she’s an asset to have on your big day. I can’t emphasize enough over text how grateful we are that we chose her and that she was there to capture our wedding day. She creates pure magic. She captured our day in the most MAGICAL way possible. If I had a vision of how I thought our wedding day would be captured, she took that and elevated it x1000. The photos she sent us are jaw dropping. My words here aren’t doing any justice. Full disclosure, it rained on our wedding day and was quite simply not nice out (which for me was something I didn’t want to happen, especially with an outdoor wedding). I can say with complete honesty that not only was Aimee fully prepared for any sort of weather imaginable, but she made pure art out of our day to the point where I’m glad it rained, no joke. We felt so comfortable in her hands the whole time and this woman knows what she is doing, period. Apart from the photos and from a business perspective, she went above and beyond for us. We had some unexpected events in the month prior to our elopement and she was so, so flexible with last minute changes and REALLY, genuinely wanted us to have the experience we envisioned. 

We reached out to Aimee because of her GORGEOUS portfolio and her work lined up with what we were looking for. We had a zoom call to meet face to face and immediately we knew she was our photographer. She was SO friendly, easy to talk to, no pressure at all (I mean it), she’s SUPER down to earth and so nice. She is SO knowledgeable about the elopement process it’s insane. In conclusion, I fully believe every couple needs Aimee to capture their day. We can’t express enough positivity about our experience with her. you won’t regret it!!
She REALLY, genuinely wanted us to have the experience we envisioned.


Aimée is the best. Period. Her ability to connect and hold space for us to craft the perfect elopement adventure that matched our vision is a special talent only surpassed by the quality and timelessness of the photos she creates. There are so many reasons to opt for an elopement, but even they can come along with a different kind of stress. Aimée’s ability to plan, prepare, present options, and contingencies are what every couple need when deciding to elope. And the level of reassurance she gives along the way is on par with that of a golden retriever when you’re having a really bad day. A week before our elopement my father passed away. Aimée was right there, assuring us that whatever decisions or change of plans that needed to happen, she would support us in every step. Her compassion, kindness and flexibility relieved a pressure valve and allowed us space to think about what we really wanted to do. Between that and our family’s encouragement to stick to the plan, we made it happen. Even with the grief, everything fell into place.
Choosing an elopement/wedding photographer is much more than finding beautiful photos that resonate with you. It’s just as important to find someone you have a connection to and want to share your best day yet with. Thank you Aimée for helping make it our best day yet.
Aimee is the best. Period.

— Lizzie + JEN

Wow- I have no words to describe the amazingness of Aimée and our experience with her. When we started looking into an adventure elopement, we had absolutely no idea where to begin and both of us felt a little bit like imposters too- like are we even cool enough to do this? Then my partner found Aimée’s instagram page. Aimée’s incredible photography skills are seriously just the icing on the cake. Obviously we hoped for epic photographs (and she delivered and then some!) but it was just as important to us that we find someone with whom we could feel as comfortable as possible. We can both be a bit shy and like so many, are not used to being photographed. As a queer couple, one of the biggest things we were looking for was someone who was not only inclusive, but also just comfortable with us, so that we could feel comfortable too. We found in Aimée all of this and more. She is so down-to-earth, thoughtful, patient, funny, knowledgeable, talented, encouraging and just an overall really cool person! Throughout the whole process, we felt so reassured knowing she had our back regarding every single little thing. I think I would have been a thousand times more nervous had we gone with any other photographer.

Whenever she would ask us what we hoped our elopement day would be, the word that we kept using was “magical,” and that’s truly how it felt. It was, to use the cliché, a once in a lifetime experience. Her top priority at all times was our safety and comfort, whether it was while we were off-roading, standing on cliff’s edges, saying our vows, or doing a night hike to get the most insane star photos ever.  We never felt rushed or awkward. It seriously felt just like hanging out with a very dear friend all day, going on some awesome adventures, and getting married to the love of my life to boot. If you are considering who to book for an adventure elopement, don’t hesitate- book Aimée while you can because she is a rising star!
It seriously felt just like hanging out with a very dear friend all day

— Rachel + evan

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Aimee is. I had her picked out as our elopement photographer before my husband had even proposed and aside from saying yes to him, it was the best decision we could have made. We are not people that like being the center of attention or being in photos. Aimee has this magical way of making everyone feel comfortable and not like they are at a photoshoot. We had a few of our family members attend our elopement ceremony and my aunt put it best “Aimee managed to be present yet invisible all at the same time.” She let us have our day, experience some of the best moments of our lives and somehow captured it all like she had been putting us in poses all day long (which she didn’t).

When my husband and I went through our photos we found ourselves saying “how the heck did she get that photo” because we didn’t remember her being in plain sight when we were in the moment. Aimee set up our timeline, scouted and helped pick our locations, answered all our questions and ensured we had thought of every detail and helped adjust our day when we ran a little behind. She truly was such an enjoyable addition to our day and our lives. You will only enhance your day (and life, seriously) by booking her! 11/10 Aimee!!
Aimee has this magical way of making everyone feel comfortable
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