A wedding of off-road locations, campsite celebrations, and rock climbing adventures, this adventure wedding in Moab is one for the ages.

Rock Climbing Wedding in the Desert

Oh, when K + B reached out to me I knew this was gonna be a good one. Like so many 2021 couples, they originally had other (international) plans but with things being uncertain and the like (you all know- you all lived it) decided to turn an annual climbing trip into their epic af rock climbing wedding. Hell. Yes. Talk about a pivot to win it.

Flash forward many months to the day of their elopement. It was my final elopement for the month I was in Moab for busy season and (spoiler alert), K + B made sure my season went out with a bang. We met up in the wee morning hours, before the sun was officially up and made our way down one of my favorite sketchy dirt roads. The sky was gray and moody, but a deep pink aura glowed around the La Sal mountains in the distance as we arrived at our destination (and we joked it looked like Mordor. Can’t have an elopement without somehow referencing Lord of the Rings haha).

K changed into her dress while B looked into the distance, the low hanging clouds so close it felt we could reach up and touch them. I always love first looks and this was truly no exception- B was jut in awe of K. I couldn’t blame him- her lacy boho gown complimented the scenery perfectly. Not to mention her badass boots she wore the whole time, scaling boulders and hiking around the desert in. She was truly the quintessential desert adventure wedding bride.

K + B took in the amazing scenery and desert towers, playing and hugging in the chilly air. I remember being so struck by their connection. It’s pretty normal for couples to have jitters and nerves in the hours leading up to their vows, but they seemed so present, stoked, and in love. It only made me more excited for the second half of the day.

I met up with K + B for the second half of their adventure wedding later in the day- this time at their group campsite with their friends. I pulled into the parking area and was met with K, dressed in comfy clothes, grinning from ear and exclaiming “the sun is coming out!” and indeed, above us the gray was finally breaking and the sun was starting to appear.

The energy and love from the folks their to witness K + B’s wedding was *unreal*. Everyone was so stoked and happy, K + B most of all. K walked down an aisle of vintage rugs, with their dogs, Toe and Joon looking on. B played a song on his guitar, everyone (especially me) shed some tears, and they were wed in the desert they loved surrounded by their people.

And then…celebration commenced. There were so many hugs, grins, dogs running under foot, a table full of tacos, and a signature drink of Glug. B + K had a FANTASTIC cake smash as ATV’s roared past, honking their horns in congratulations. The night wound down with the clouds lighting up pink and purple and songs around the campfire.

We met up again in the morning for marriage license signing (woo- legally married!), some sweet sunrise exploring and one of the most important elements of the whole shindig- climbing photos. It’s not a rock climbing wedding without hitting the crag. K + B are avid and experienced climbers so it was extremely important for them to get some shots on the wall. We caravanned to a nearby climbing spot and I commenced shrieking basically the whole time with how incredible the whole thing was. I was about to move to a different vantage point when I heard K go “Oh, spider-man style” and I looked up to see B swinging himself upside down for a kiss. I nearly dropped my camera in excitement. (Updated to add: This photo was actually selected as One of the Best Wedding Photos of 2021 by Junebug. Check it out!

And, more than any epic shot, it was so incredible to see these two craft an elopement day that was totally and completely them. When we first talked on the phone they said their peak existence was climbing and camping. And then thats what they did for their wedding. I truly feel so freaking lucky to have been a part of this day. Scroll to see all the magic (and that epic Spider-Man kiss at the end!)

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Honestly- such an epic, intentional, and joyful elopement.

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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  1. Molly says:

    WOW! Love these shots and entire vibe of their day!

  2. Bailey says:

    Oh my, this is just stunning!! What a dreamy day for them & I LOVE that they made it so personal to them!

  3. Jessi says:

    Wow. They are total badasses! I love how they did their day how THEY wanted to, regardless of tradition. These images are insanely beautiful – I bet they are so thankful to have had an experienced elopement photographer capture their uniquely awesome day!

  4. Cassandra says:

    Dang, Moab was showing off for these two on their wedding day! I cannot get over the epicness you documented of them rock climbing in their wedding gear. And that Spiderman kiss on the wall is literally next level kinda unreal!

  5. Tom Waldenberg says:

    These are AMAZIIIING! Her boots, the guitars, the landscape. This is such a badass couple and you captured them sooooo beautifully!

  6. Ann Marie says:

    So awesome!! I saw that Spiderman kiss photo maybe on your ig or something too and dang!! What an incredible day all around! These two seem like just the best kind of people – love it!!

  7. Claire Hunt says:

    I absolutely love that this couple did all of the traditional things that they wanted AND rock climbed! That is just epic and you captured it perfectly.

  8. Ahhh omg yes!! That’s the killer photo I’ve been seeing all over the internet! Such an absolutely stunning wedding!

  9. Kristen says:

    This is so perfect! I love how their guests are in camping chairs, too. It’s such a little detail but it goes to so well with the overall vibe of the day and honestly, just makes sense! Beautiful photos! I wouldn’t change a thing!

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