Desert Engagement Photos | Off Road Adventure Near Lake Powell

Lake Powell Engagement Photos

Holy Toledo, these engagement photos. I still pinch myself over these! Let me start at the beginning- Kacy and David reached out to me because they wanted an adventurous photo session in the Arizona desert (which is funny because very technically this spot is in Utah- but lets not split hairs).

From the get go these two were down for an epic adventure. They wanted views and fun- which is how this location came to be. It’s pretty remote and you need a legit vehicle to get where you’re going.

I’m sure when Kacy and David imagined their desert engagement photos they imagined blue skies for days, glowing canyon walls, and sunshine dripping off of everything. But, the desert in winter can be a fickle thing and instead of sunshine we were met with low clouds and scattered rain. I was privately so excited (rain in the desert is such a pretty and cool thing!) but was nervous the couple would be disappointed. They fled the midwest for their photos to *avoid* the grey and the cold.

But I’d worried for naught- Kacy and David were totally awestruck with the incredible views and Kacy even said she was glad for the rain- that the moody desert felt more dynamic and special. And I couldn’t agree more! So we explored around the vistas overlooking Lake Powell. Kacy’s dress was *perfect* and complimented the landscape so so well. As we wandered around I kept an eye on the horizon, watching as a wall of rain swallowed up mountains and made its way over the water.

Kacy and David were perched up on a rock when the rain finally hit. They scrambled down and we all booked it back to the Jeep-laughing and yelling the whole way. It wasn’t what they imagined but it sure was the adventure they hoped for.

Want to see some more fun stuff? Here’s some California desert engagement photos (for a totally different kind of dessert vibe!) amazing places to check out in Utah, and here’s some other amazing locations to check out in Arizona.

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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  1. Sienna says:

    Wow, these desert vibes are almost otherworldly! Absolutely adoring your tones, too. You’ve truly captured their adoration for each other!

  2. Maaike says:

    Wow that location is soooo beautiful! And I love how the colors she’s wearing complement the landscape. Love your pictures!!

  3. Andrea says:

    I love looking at your photos! The colors are AMAZING! These make me want to visit the desert again soon.

  4. Amy Isacson says:

    These are so wonderful! What a fun day – you captured them brilliantly! Love the tones and mood. BRAVO!

  5. This is beautiful! And you’re so right about the rain! I love the way it makes the colors of the desert landscape stand out. Great work!

  6. Gorgeous creations Aimee Flynn! A. true inspiration for any couple interested in a n adventurous desert engagement or wedding experience in Lake Powell. You really captured the essence of this magical land. Thanks for being a creator!

  7. Jessa says:

    Gorgeous location and tones in these images! Well done!

  8. Oli Prince says:

    The grey makes for epic photos. We love these images, you’ve captured the joy in their relationship so well. The location is also stunning! One day we’d to come for a couple session there. Amazing job!

  9. Sydney says:

    HOLY TOLEDO IS RIGHT! These images are gorgeous, Arizona has some amazing landscapes that are perfect for an engagement session!

  10. Umm… okay I’m blown away by these desert engagement photos!! Plus, I super love seeing Lake Powell showing off in the background of their adventure!! ❤

  11. Romulo Ueda says:

    Beautiful! Nice work!

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