Two Day Helicopter Elopement in Moab

Where to begin with this one, friends. I mean- you’d think the title sort of says it all, right? Two day helicopter elopement in Moab? Has to be epic.

You have no idea. Because before I even get into the experience and photos of it all (which ARE epic)-it’s important I set a little context. While not my story to share, I will say this: this elopement was hard won. There were some ups, but also many and significant downs in the years that lead to this pair of days. When M + J reached out to me, their story took my breath away. And while I aim to make every elopement perfect, I was *ulta* motivated to give this couple the elopement adventure of their dreams. They more than deserved it.

And during the planning process I was blown away by how dedicated these two were to making their wedding the absolute wedding of their dreams. Star gazing, off-roading, helicopter rides (!), vistas for days, a private chef to prepare the most incredible dinner ever… they committed. And I committed, too.

Which is why when rain threatened this couples day (and, to be ultra clear, rain is *not* what you want when a helicopter elopement ride is in your plans)- I *really* appealed to Mother Nature.

But here’s the thing- and I say this a lot- weather? Not the bad guy when it comes to elopements. In fact, weather is often *magic*. So when I suggested moving some things around to accommodate a more sure bet when it game to their helicopter ride, but then treated the possible weather as a potential good thing… bless M + J because they trusted me completely. And… well. These photos speak for themselves. Vibrant sunrises, moody mornings, sudden snow squalls in the desert, twinkly raindrops at sunset, pastel colored clouds… all cause of weather! It was incredible.

And M + J? Leaned into it all. The quote, “Life isn’t about waiting out the storm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” has a lot of meaning and importance to M. And wow did they live that on their elopement day. I cannot state how much of an honor it was to be a part of their helicopter elopement in Moab. Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it. And I think M + J had a pretty good time, too.

But don’t take it from me! Here are some words direct from M + J:

Where to begin?… let me start with advice to you. Book her. Book Aimee right now. Do not wait a second longer. You will not regret it. From the very beginning of planning our elopement, Aimee was amazing. She made the whole process seamless and so that it never felt overwhelming. She spent time getting to know us and what was important to us. In the week before our date when weather seamed it might not cooperate, she was all over it. We never felt like we needed to problem solve anything. Aimee switched things around a bit, and oh man can I say it was incredible. All her hard work translated into an elopement that was truly magical and one of our greatest adventures together. Not only did we have a day that felt like “us”, but we had a day that are so memorable in every way possible. If we could relive it all a thousand times we would still want to relive it more. Never once did we feel uncomfortable being photographed. We were consumed by every moment in the most delightful way. Aimee was our photographer, local guide, day of event planner keeping things on schedule so we didn’t have to, and our biggest fan. The day she gave us is more than we could have dreamed of and we are so thankful to her. We are left in awe by the pure magic of the day in every way possible.It’s been three weeks since getting our full gallery. We are in disbelief over them. It’s been impossible trying to decide what to print they are all so amazing. Everyone we have shown has said they are the most incredible and beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen. Simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Aimée!

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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