Micro Wedding in Olympic National Park

This micro wedding in Olympic was soooooo dreamy. This couple had plot twists a-plenty during their planning, but they totally rolled with whatever was thrown at them. From a sweet lakeside ceremony, a little adventure through the woods, an incredible dinner with family, and a sunset for the ages, this day was incredible. And truly the ultimate “never give up on sunset” elopement. Please picture me, in a raincoat, standing in this couples lovely Airbnb saying “there’s a chance something could still happen with sunset” after been poured on earlier in the day, and also while it was *actively still raining outside*.⁠

I heard myself say it and knew it sounded ridiculous. But I’ve gotten good at predicting weather, and knew right around sunset the clouds were supposed to thin, and as close to the coast as we were and as high up in elevation our sunset location was… I knew there was a chance. ⁠

To be clear, this was a *chance.* I told D + T that it could also be raining and socked in, in which case we would turn right around and try again in the morning. But to their everlasting credit, D + T trusted me totally and were 100% down to try. We drove up and up and up and maybe 5 minutes before we reached out location, I could see some blue beyond the wall of clouds. And then? We popped up over the clouds and were treated to the prettiest sunset cloud inversion you could imagine (and a very bold deer friend who we did not interact with but whose presence we enjoyed immensely). ⁠

That sunset felt like a little gift from Mother Nature. Because, two months out from their elopement their first location burned down, and then the day of their elopement dawned…ending a 36 day streak of “no rain” on the Olympic Coast. There were some plot twists. ⁠But these two weathered (🥁) the hiccups like total pros, rolling with it and embracing their day fully. It was amazing. A true PNW elopement. Complete with pastel cloud inversion sunset 🙂 ⁠Thank you so so much D + T for the trust and for the honor of being part of your day. ::hugs::⁠

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And finally, some *unbelievably* kind words from this amazing couple:

“I’m going to start with this first and then give some background. Worth the read for couples looking for a photographer 🙂

I 1,000% recommend Aimee to any and all couples. She’s more than an amazing photographer, she’s an asset to have on your big day for so many reasons that I’ll get into. I can’t emphasize enough over text how grateful we are that we chose her and that she was there to capture our wedding day. She creates pure magic. She captured our day in the most MAGICAL way possible. If I had a vision of how I thought our wedding day would be captured, she took that and elevated it x1000. The photos she sent us are jaw dropping. My words here aren’t doing any justice, I can’t say enough about her and her work. Full disclosure, it rained on our wedding day and was quite simply not nice out (which for me, and probably most brides, was something I didn’t want to happen, especially with an outdoor wedding). I can say with complete honesty that not only was Aimee fully prepared for any sort of weather imaginable, but she made pure art out of our day to the point where I’m glad it rained, no joke. We felt so comfortable in her hands the whole time and this woman knows what she is doing, period. I mean, she had a white cashmere shawl I didn’t know I needed, hand warmers, clear umbrellas, you name it, she’s got your back. AND she’s a true artist. She will take the cards you are dealt and make ART. Apart from the photos and from a business perspective, she went above and beyond for us. We had some unexpected events in the month prior to our elopement (complete closing of ceremony location because the visitor center burnt down) and she was so, so flexible with last minute changes and REALLY, genuinely wanted us to have the experience we envisioned. It’s that important to her. She will go above and beyond to capture your day (even if that means networking with locals and booking a campsight so we can access an area). She also took the time to get to know us and our vision and it really shows through her work and her conduct. I think that makes her stand out from other photographers we’ve worked with. It was so evident the whole time that her focus was on us and that meant so much.


My husband and I knew we wanted to either elope or have a “micro wedding” outdoors and in an adventurous place. We wanted to do a hike in our formal wear and have a ceremony in a beautiful place (mountains or ocean). We weren’t even sure where we wanted this to happen but we knew the type of adventure we wanted, that was about it. So we went into this pretty unsure of most details! We did our research on elopement photographers and found a lot. We reached out to Aimee because of her GORGEOUS portfolio and her work lined up with what we were looking for. We had a zoom call to meet face to face and immediately we knew she was our photographer. She was SO friendly, easy to talk to, no pressure at all (I mean it), she’s SUPER down to earth and so nice. She is SO knowledgeable about the elopement process it’s insane. And as a true adventurer herself she has excellent location recommendations. She was there every step of the way to help us choose our location and gave very helpful and honest/insightful feedback when I wanted honest opinions, which is huge. The entire process was very easy and stress free.

In conclusion, I fully believe every couple needs Aimee to capture their day (even if you’re not eloping, we had a micro wedding), we can’t express enough positivity about our experience with her. you won’t regret it!!”

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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