Stunning Intimate Wedding in the Redwoods

Ya’ll. I am beyond excited to be sharing this intimate wedding in the Redwoods with you all.

Last October I drove 17 hours (lol) up to the Northern tip of California for this Redwoods and coastal elopement. To say it was magical is to woefully undersell how incredible this day was. ⁠

I remember talking with N + W way back at the start of the year, and listening to them talk about each other and how they pictured their day. I was immediately struck with the love and joy these two possessed. It oozed through the computer screen and stayed that way up until the moment I met them in person (at their incredible perched on a Sequoia stump airbnb). ⁠Honestly one of the best airbnbs I’e seen. So freaking cool.

N + W started the day with getting almost all of the way ready together- spirits were high, the stoke was so high you could almost touch it, and the love was, just as it was on that call, so so clear. I got W set up while N got dressed, and we started the day with an emotional first look before heading out together for the rest of their wedding in the Redwoods. Goodness- those trees. You have to see them to believe how awe inspiring they are. We all three gazed up and up and up as we made our way through the forest, deciding on the perfect place for N + W to say their vows. N + W had an important vision for where they said their vows- under the trees, with total privacy. So we found a secluded nook, and N + W shared their tearful vows under the ancient giants. Hugs and kisses were shared, W shouted with joy, and they were wed. They didn’t stop smiling our whole hike out of the woods.

We stopped on a brewery for a bite to eat before ending the day with sunset on the beach, where N + S shared a toast and a first dance. And the sky? Holy Toledo. Did she put on a show. ⁠I love ending the elopement days on the beach- it allows for so much fun and just brings out your inner kid. And a redwoods and coastal beach combo? Really can’t be beat.

There was just… so much joy and love overflowing through the whole day. Magic was the word I kept thinking. I’m still thinking it now! So grateful to have been part of the day- N + W? Thank you!

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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