The Redwoods are one of the most romantic elopement spots. Check out this blog post with all the planning details you need.

How to Elope in the Redwoods: Updated for 2024

How to Plan for an Elopement in the Redwoods

So you’re thinking of eloping in the Redwoods, among the words tallest trees? I have to say- I think this is a *fantastic* idea. I am so so taken with redwood trees. They are so so incredible and they are precious and unique. 

Redwoods only grow in three areas; coastal California and Oregon,  California’s Sierra Nevada, and in China. Redwoods are the largest and tallest trees in the world and can live for thousands of years. There are actually several places that redwoods grow along the coast, so! Here’s what how to plan for your elopement in the Redwoods: 

  1. Pick a general location! Redwoods grow in Redwood National Park/State Park up in Northern California all the way down to Big Sur. There’s groves in Santa Cruz, Lots of groves have been impacted by fire, so make sure the areas you are looking at are still open and accessible! There are lots of options if you want to elope in the redwoods.
  2. Hire your elopement photographer. It’s super important to pick a photographer who is familiar with permitting, rules of parks (for example- you cannot elope in any state parks in or around Big Sur on weekends during the summer months). Different areas come with different rules and regulations so having a photographer who is used to navigating that will be super important. 
  3. Pick your elopement date! Yay- picking your wedding date! If you want to elope in the Redwoods I highly, highly suggest weekdays for your elopement. Weekends can get super congested with other visitors and weekdays will lesson the crowds
  4. Pick your specific ceremony location (and get the required permits)- This is where you pick the exact spot of your elopement. Once that your location is set, you can book lodging, transportation, and any other vendors you want to hire for your Redwood elopement.
  5. Create your elopement timeline– It’s time to put it all together so you can relax leading up to your Redwoods elopement day. 

Best Places You Can Elope in the Redwoods

One of the things thats so special about Redwood trees is how they are pretty rare. There aren’t groves of them out in, I don’t know, Ohio. They only grow in a very specific environment, and we are lucky here in the US that there are groves of them all up and down the California and Oregon coast. Some of these spots are super popular, some are hidden gems, some are easy to get to, some hard to get to. There’s lots of options (which is great!) and I’m sure there’s a perfect fit for you. Here are some of my favorites:

(pro tip! It’s okay if you haven’t narrowed down your exact spot yet. I love helping folks hone in on their perfect elopement location.)

Redwoods National Park

Probably the most popular spot on this list, Redwoods National park has some truly stunning scenery, and a staggering amount of Redwoods (nearly half the redwoods on the planet are in this park). While this spot is popular, it’s also large so there are spots that are super easy to get to, and there are longer hikes you can adventure at. It’s also super close to a stunning beach location, so if you dream of saying your vows amongst the trees and than playing on the beach, this is a perfect spot for you.

Recommended Airport: Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport

Will you Need a permit: Yes.

Best for: Couples who REALLY want a dense and plentiful redwood experience, and who may also want to play on the beach 🙂

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

A smaller park than the national park, but still one to consider if the Redwoods are your jam. The permitting process at Humboldt is a lot more chill. It’s a bit further from the coast, so if you’re wanting to stay exclusively in the redwoods, this may be a good fit for you.

Recommended Airport: SFO

Will you Need a permit: Yes.

Best for: Couples who REALLY want a dense and plentiful redwood experience, and who may also want to play on the beach 🙂 And want to see a stunning Intimate Wedding in the Redwoods? Check out this blog post.

Big Sur

Ohh do I love Big Sur. This stretch of stunning land has beautiful groves of redwoods and stunning coastal cliffs. There’s no cell service in Big Sur, so you really feel like you’re getting away from it all. There’s a magic to this place that’s hard to describe (and I know this is a weird thing to say… but it seriously just smells amazing there.)

Real Redwoods Elopement: Check out this two day Big Sur elopement!

Recommended Airport: Monterey Regional Airport

Will you Need a permit: Most Likely Yes

Best for: Couples who want Redwoods and some stunning vistas- the coastal cliffs really cannot be beat.

Want to see more dreamy Redwoods elopements (and adventurous antics in general?)

Don’t Forget the Sequoias!

Did you know that the Redwoods and Sequoias are related? So if you love the Redwoods, you may love Sequoias, too. There are groves in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite National park, and they are INCREDIBLE. They are huge and ancient and make you feel small and humbled in the best way. So if the bigger the tree, the better? Don’t rule out eloping in a Sequoia grove.

Best time to Elope in the Redwoods

Because the Redwoods are situated on the coast, it never get’s too cold. But! In the winter it does tend to be rainy, all the way into April. If you want a moody Redwoods elopement, the spring is a good fit for you. If you want a better change of a sunny day, June or October are my favorite months.

Pro Tip: Elope on a week day. This is true of basically any elopement, but eloping a weekday really gives you a better chance of less crowds and and easier time navigating roads and trails.


There are many reasons why people choose to elope in the redwoods. Here are a few potential benefits:

  1. Intimacy: Eloping allows you to focus on the most important aspect of your wedding – your love for each other. You can exchange vows in a private, intimate setting without the distractions and stress of a large wedding.
  2. Cost: Eloping can be a more affordable option than a traditional wedding. You won’t have to worry about paying for a venue, catering, or other expensive wedding expenses.
  3. Flexibility: When you elope, you have the freedom to choose your own location, date, and ceremony details. You can plan a wedding that reflects your personal style and values.
  4. Adventure: Eloping can be a unique and exciting way to start your married life together. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by the natural beauty of the redwood forests.
  5. Simplicity: Eloping eliminates the need for complex planning and logistics. You can focus on enjoying your special day without the added stress of coordinating a large event.

Overall, eloping in the redwoods can be a romantic and meaningful way to start your married life together.


Your elopement is not just an all day photo shoot. What you do during your elopement is just as important as where you elope. The Redwoods are so romantic and there’s tons of things you can do to celebrate your elopement.

If you’re trying to figure out what you want to do on your elopement day, here are some questions to think about: What are your favorite activities to do together? What do you do for fun on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? What have you always wanted or dreamed of doing, but never gotten around to? How can you incorporate what you love to do on your elopement day? What just sounds *fun*?

But if you want some ideas, here are a few options for elopement day activities! 

  • Hiking
  • Have a picnic in the woods
  • Walk along the beach
  • Hire a private chef
  • Mountain biking
  • Dancing
  • Sightseeing
  • Exploring the coast
  • Taking a motorcycle or convertible ride along Highway 1
  • Riding bikes
  • Horseback riding
  • Soaking in a hot tub
  • Relaxing in a hammock together
  • Doing yoga together
  • Drawing or painting
  • Having a picnic
  • Checking out local wineries
  • Drink tea or coffee

Redwood Elopement Packages

I’m in California multiple times a year and consider much of the state to be my backyard. And I don’t charge travel fees for any stateside elopement or adventure wedding. So what’s included and what does your Redwood elopement cost?

  • All packages include photographer travel expenses 
  • Unlimited assistance (from me!) with planning and logistics. This includes location guides, vendor referrals, elopement timeline construction, packing list, local gems to check out, and just general hype woman.
  • Online gallery of high-res images and full printing rights (so you can print you pics on stamps, billboards, whatever floats your boat).

   Four hours: $6400 | Eight Hours: $8400 | One 8-hr day + 4 hr day: $11500

Like big trees but want some mountains to go with it? Yosemite is a great option, full of rocky cliffs and tall Sequoias. Check out how to elope in Yosemite or my blog on epic places to elope in California.

For more big tree Inspo and adventurous antics…

view packages + pricing

— Ryan + Styhiln

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