Off-Roading Flagstaff Elopement

I’m so excited to share this Flagstaff elopement with ya’ll. In many ways, because this elopement got to be something of a love letter to where I live.

I love where I live- I love how close it is to places I work in (and like to visit!), I love I can have snow and sun in the same day, I love the Ponderosa Pines, the aspens in the fall, the charm of the city and tight community here. But I’ve said this before, Flagstaff isn’t the most *obvious* place to love. On paper, there are more impressive places- places with bigger mountains, taller trees, vast red rock deserts… but none of those things matter. I love Flagstaff in its entirety. It’s special. So when R + E reached out to me, and they talked about how much they loved Flagstaff and wanted part of their elopement day to be there…I was so so stoked to be talking to folks who love it here like I do.

Their day was beautiful. Low clouds shrouded the shoulders of the San Francisco Peaks in the morning, sun peaked through the Ponderosa Pins during their family vows, and while the cloud cover increased in the evening… that meant the sunset? Well, just look for yourself.

It was very important that R+ E had balance on their elopement day. Like many other couples, including their family was important, but so was having time just the two of them. So they started with a first look with the mountains behind them (in a record of the *closest* elopement start- a mere 7 minutes from my house). Then we hopped in our off-road vehicles, met up with their family, and caravanned out to one of my favorite pockets of woods outside of the city. It was fall, so the ferns carpeting the forest floor were a beautiful gold. They had their sweet ceremony under the trees, with family taking turns reading thoughtful and meaningful words. Then? The three of us took off on a solo adventure, down to the Red Rocks of Sedona.

The sky had grayed out over the course of the day, but sometimes in the desert… that can mean something special will happen. So while R + E watched video toasts from friends, celebrated with drinks, and danced, I kept an eye on that horizon. And sure enough… right at sunset, the sky went OFF. I stepped back to let R + E enjoy the unbelievable sky…. then we darted around together taking some portraits, all our stoke off the charts.

It was a perfect Northern Arizona day and I feel so lucky I got to be a part of this Flagstaff Elopement. Thank you R + E. And thanks for loving on Flagstaff 🙂

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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