Believe it or not these adventurous Pine Forest Engagment photos were taken in Arizona. The Mogollon Rim is the perfect spot for adventure and forest vibes.

Ponderosa Pine Forest Engagement Photos

Arizona Elopement Photographer

I’ve talked about my love of the Mogollon Rim before and these adventurous, sun-soaked forest engagement photos just underscored and highlighted why I love this spot so much. The rim is near Payson in the middle of Tonto National Forest and it’s SUCH a great spot for an adventure session or an elopement. There’s a cool cliff, there’s pretty trees, there’s lakes (which we didn’t get to during this session), the Rim Road is SUPER fun for off-roading, there’s lots of cool hikes, etc etc etc.

And though in a lot of places the coolest spots are the hardest to get to, these awesome views right on the rim are off a parking lot. A decent portion of the Rim Road is pretty manageable for any car, it’s not till you’re driving a ways when it gets dicey and having a higher clearance vehicle is a huge bonus. This spot, in particular, was about 20 yards away from a parking lot.

I love hiking engagement sessions (and hiking elopements, haha) and I love the payoff of working hard and getting to The View, but it’s also nice to be able to get to a place like this with relative ease and still have a lot of privacy (I think only one couple passed us during the whole shoot on the rim).

And boy was this shoot a blast. I mean, any session that starts off with dogs is a great experience in my book, but it was so fun hanging with these two. They were so fun loving and easy going, and really just down to have fun. I *loved* how playful they were with the giant dandelions and making wishes and then the fluff getting stuck in David’s hair.

And (this is one of my favorite things ever) these two *hardly* ever looked at the camera. They were too busy looking at each other. And that, gentle reader, is the whole freaking point. Looking through every frame I grabbed, David and Leah focused on, connected with, and were playful with each other. It was a privilege to witness and document, and I’m honestly so stoked on these images 🙂

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Also big thanks to @gebrielandrynephoto + for hosting and styling!
Videographer: @cadebockco

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  1. Halie says:

    These are so beautiful! That light is just dreamy. And that pupper! Such a cutie:)

  2. Brady Bates says:

    These are gorgeous and this lighting is magical

  3. alycia says:

    Absolutely adore your tones in this and the emotion that is exuded.

  4. I am in love with these engagement photos! And you picked such a stunning location!

  5. THE PUPPY! So fluffy and cute. These are really beautiful!

  6. These photos would have been pretty darn near perfect without the dogs. With them the whole session is just TOO AMAZING!

  7. OKAY that one photo is FIRE with the flower pieces falling. These two are adorable, great captures. The rim is so funny, one of the least adventurous places in Arizona I think, but one of the most serene places to be in Arizona.

  8. Holy, dang, WOW!! This looks like an epic adventure and cannot believe it’s not a like 8 mile hike! Your images are so freaking amazing!! You keep blowing me away!!

  9. Darren says:

    Check out that light! And Doggies! This elopement has it all. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I just love your bright and colorful style of photography! And their dog is so CUTE!

  11. Justyna says:

    That light and his hair!!!! Incredible!

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