Salt River Adventure Session | Desert Oasis Engagement Photos

Salt River, Arizona

Aimee Flynn Photo | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Nicole and Logan’s Desert Oasis Adventure Session

Last spring, in preparation of launching my Arizona elopement photographer business, I attended an adventure wedding workshop hosted my some photographers I reeeeally look up to. I remember prior to leaving gushing about how excited I was to a friend of mine, and how I did’t want to overwhelm anyone with my enthusiasm and that I would really need to reign it in.

“Don’t do that,” my friend said. “Go full Aimee. Full Aimee is the best Aimee.”

So this is really excellent advice. It’s advice I ran with at the conference (which I think went pretty well!) and after. So I’m going to go full Aimee in this blog post. Are you ready?

I LOVE THE DESERT. Holy hell I love the desert. You’d think that as an arizona elopement photographer that I would get sick of it or something but… that’s not the case. If anything, the more time I spend in the desert the more I love it.

And I freaking ADORE sharing that love-borderline-obsession with the couples I work with. Logan and Nicole are current desert dwellers but had never made it out to the Salt River (or “The Salt”, as I like to call it, sort of because it makes me feel like a bad-ass grizzled cowboy.) I like this spot in particular because there’s such variation in such a small spot. And the Bulldog Cliffs always put on a show when the sun goes down. So the stoke was high as our environment slowly shifted and changed as the sun went down.

Nicole and Logan are both fitness coaches who square-dance in the free time (queue heart-eyes here). It’s always a treat to spend time with fellow entrepreneurs, even though our business are quite different, and Nicole is a total boss and getting after her dreams. And this is a total different type of Peak Existence, right? But still Peak Existence. Going after The Thing with determination and intention is basically the most worthwhile endeavor. So mad respect to the two of them for going after what makes their hearts happy.

And! They were so in love and connected and present with each other during the whole experience. And they did not mind me running around squealing at how adorable they were, at how beautiful everything was, and basically making a general fool of myself (Full Aimee, remember?). The Salt was a lot quieter and still than it had been in the weeks previous, and we were totally blown away by reflections of The Bulldogs in the water. I joke a lot that if there is any type of reflective surface anywhere in the vicinity of my shoots I *will* use it, so this was basically desert heaven.

I loved (loved loved) capturing this story.

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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  1. Lucy says:

    Oh my gooosshhhh, these are GORGEOUS and I looove the location! I’m moving to AZ in a few months and I can’t wait to check this out. 😀

  2. Christine Dopp says:

    Wow, that light! that location! What a beautiful session!

  3. Wow these are super pretty!! I just love the desert vibes.

  4. Love how you use light in these! Especially coming through the cactus. So good!

  5. This Arizona desert location is amazing!! I love the bit of water and greenery.

  6. Raini says:

    Good luck with the new business! These are perfect for adding to your elopement portfolio!

  7. Melissa says:

    Holy smokes Aimée!!! This Arizona adventure session is absolutely beautiful! That Alpine glow! Oooooh man ???

  8. These are absolutely breathtaking! Great job!

  9. Kate Hampson says:

    Stunning as always Aimee! Every image is so dreamy

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