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Phoenix Elopement Planning Guide | How to Elope in Phoenix

How to Elope in Phoenix

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So! You’re thinking of eloping in Phoenix! It’s super easy to see why you’d consider Phoenix as your base for an epic elopement experience. Phoenix is an amazing spot for your elopement; it’s funky saguaro cacti, close proximity to amazing restaurants and luxurious hotels, Old Town Scottsdale and it’s cowboy vibes, the nearby Superstition Mountains or South Mountain park,

Phoenix sits smack in the middle of the state, right in-between Flagstaff and Tuscon and is actually the fifth biggest city in the country right now. It has a major airport flying domestic and international flights and is overflowing with art, spas, and absolutely incredible food. (Seriously, if you need a recommendation, just ask. I love talking about all the great food in Phoenix!)

So it’s really amazing that you have this funky and booming city in such close proximity to some really amazing places. Drive a half an hour in any direction and you’re in the middle of the desert. So if you’re looking for an elopement that has it all- epic wild places *and* city luxury, Phoenix is the perfect elopement destination for you.

When Should You Elope in Phoenix

When you plan your elopement, specifically time of year, will have a huge impact on your Phoenix elopement experience. Fall, winter, and spring, are absolutely amazing times here in Phoenix and the valley really shines. It’s warm in Autumn, cool in Winter, and absolutely exploding with flowers and life in the Spring. Fall, winter, and spring are hands down the best times to elope here in Phoenix.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? I can hear you all now. “It’s a dry heat!” Yes, yes, it’a dry heat. But summers here in Phoenix are no joke. I remember when I used to live in Chicago, I lacked a healthy respect for the desert summer heat. Driving with your windows down in the summer is like standing in front of a blow dryer. Even at night. The mornings can be tolerable (the maternity session in August at sunrise was totally comfortable!), but as soon as the sun is out for any length of time it gets HOT. Dangerously hot. I actually wrote a whole blog post on this very topic so if you want to learn more about to beat the heat, check it out.

No matter the time of year I *always* recommend having your elopement or wedding on a weekday. You have the best chance of having a more private and intimate experience, especially if you are drawn to a more popular Phoenix ceremony location.

Phoenix Elopement Locations

One of my absolute favorite things about Phoenix is that there are so many amazing places super close to the city. Depending on where you stay in the valley, you can be a mere 35 minutes from some of these locations. Whether you use Phoenix as your home base and venture out further afield to other places in the state, or if you want to stick close to Phoenix as your hub, it’s great at fulfilling both roles.

Salt River

The Salt River is a tributary of the Gila River and source to many recreational sights a mere 45 minutes (or less!) from Phoenix. It’s a *very* popular spot in the summer months and hundreds of folks will float down the river in inner tubes, beer in hand, and get very, very sunburned. It is also home to countless picnic areas, trails, and a herd of wild horses. It’s one of my favorite places to elope in near Phoenix because the winding path of water cutting through the desert is so surprising and beautiful- like an oasis running through our cactus filled desert. There are also *tons* of options. Some well known, some off the beaten path. And all 45 minutes from Phoenix.

The Salt River strike your fancy? Here’s an adventure session to take a look at!

Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake is actually a reservoir on the Salt River, but it’s such a popular place (and really feels more like a lake than part of the river) that it deserves its own section on this post. Saguaro Lake is a large lake, with its own Marina and beach. It’s *extremely* popular on weekends (in April-October, the lake reaches its maximum boating capacity early in the morning), so bear that in mind if this is a location you’re interested in.

There’s a popular trail that winds around the shore which can lead to some more secluded and private spaces (and some pretty cool views) that are about a mile or so away from the trailhead. You don’t need a permit (but Butcher Jones Recreation Site does require a Tonto Parking Pass ($8.00).

Want to see more of Saguaro Lake? Check out this Saguaro Lake Elopement.

Superstition Mountains

Another spot only 45 minutes away! This spot is perfect if you’re looking for a quintessential desert vibe; saguaros, cholla, prickly pear, jacked desert mountains. Home to Lost Dutchman State park, the Superstitions are big on adventure vibes but are super, super accessible. There are tons of trails, ranging from easy to difficult (such as a local favorite, Siphon Draw Trail) and its a beautiful spot at sunrise, with the sun coming up from behind the Flat Irons, or at sunset which lights the mountains orange. You do need a permit to shoot here (up to $300 for a day), which is helpful information to keep in mind.

Here’s a desert adventure session if you want to see more of The Superstitions!

Off the Beaten Path/A Bit Further Afield

There are also lots of places that are a bit further afield (2 hours and under from Phoenix) and/or off the beaten path. I love scouting for the perfect place for a couple that are a bit lesser known. Sometimes that requires traveling a bit further outside of Phoenix, but the results are often worth it. You can check out a few favorites here and here.

Where Should I Stay During My Phoenix Elopement

Phoenix has a ton of options when it comes of rad places to stay for you elopement. We’ve got luxurious hotels, funky airbnb’s, and nearby campgrounds. Some of this could depend on where you ultimately pick for your elopement, but here are a few of my favorite hotels and airbnb’s in the area.

Phoenix Hotels

The Valley Ho– a Mid-Century modern in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

Mountain Shadows– a luxury Hotel tucked against Phoenix’s famed Camelback Mountain.

The Scott– My hands down favorite hotel in the area. Luxurious with adorable styling (and a truly great restaurant), it’s centrally located and close to everything.

Phoenix Airbnb’s

There are tons of fun airbnbs all through Phoenix and surrounding areas- but recommend you pick your elopement location before deciding on your airbnb (you don’t want to have to drive clear across the city to get where you to to go!

Phoenix Elopement Packages

So, cost. It’s a thing, right? I’m based out of Phoenix and though I don’t charge travel fees for places outside of Arizona, it’s definitely something you don’t have to worry about when you’re eloping in my own backyard! So what’s included and what does it cost?

  • All packages include travel expenses
  • Unlimited assistance (from me!) with planning and logistics
  • Online gallery of high-res images and full printing rights (so you can print you pics on stamps, billboards, whatever floats your boat).

Here are my Phoenix Elopement Packages:

Four hours: $5900 | Eight Hours: $7900 | One 8-hr day + 4 hr day: $11,000

Ready to book your Phoenix Elopement? I’d love to chat! Here’s a full look at my pricing and my contact form.

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