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How to Plan Your Elopement During COVID19

How to Plan your Elopement During COVID19: Coronavirus FAQ

Updated July 4th

WOW. It is super surreal writing coronavirus elopement planning blog post. And I’ll bet you probably didn’t ever plan on ever needing or reading this type of post, huh? Believe me when I say I never thought I’d be writing it. And yet, here we are. In our collective living rooms.

First of all: I am so, so sorry you are having to plan your wedding during all of this. Whether you’re looking at eloping because the big wedding you planned is no longer in the cards or you’d be eloping anyway, trying to navigate, plan, and be excited are things a lot of folks are struggling with right now. So before I get into the logistical, more concrete stuff, I’m gonna get a little mushy here for a second; there is no right or wrong way to feel right now. This is not a normal situation so there is not a normal way to react (and wtf is “normal” anyway?). Also: you are 100% allowed to grieve here. I’ve talked with a lot of folks who feel bad for being sad about something like wedding planning when people’s lives are at risk. *You are allowed to feel sad for everyone and also feel sad for yourself*. This situation super sucks.

You are also allowed to still plan and dream and be excited to elope. It’s super hard to see past our living rooms right now, but I’m here to remind you (and also myself!) that this situation is temporary. Things will for sure look different for a long time, but we aren’t going to be stick in bubbles forever. You’re allowed to be excited for and plan things for that time.

And I want to acknowledge, planning looks very different for folks than what they ever thought planning would look like (like, who among us thought we’d have to google if things are open because of a global pandemic?) I’m sending you hugs. Lots of them.


So what’s the deal with this post? I am a big fan of information. I like facts and data as much as I like the mushy stuff and I also know things are SUPER confusing right now. So I wanted to create a page where all your questions and COVID19 wedding related questions can live. Don’t see your question here? Message me! On insta, through my contact form, or my email ( I’m super happy to answer your questions, and then add them to this page. Cause chances are if you’re wondering about something, someone else is too.

Are you currently booking elopements?

Heck yeah I am! I am booking elopements and am currently shooting elopements currently. A lot of my elopements are local to Arizona- though I am booking out of state elopements! (I have some travel dates coming up as well- so I’m *definitely* booking sessions and elopements in Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and California!)

What Precautions are You Taking?

The day of your elopement:

  1. I will be masked up the day of your elopement. If I’m standing very far away from you and my mask is making it hard for you to hear me, I may move it down to communicate but then put it back immediately.
  2. Normally I will adjust flyaways, offer a hand to assist in traversing, and generally be in close proximity. For the time being I am refraining from these things in order to maintain 6 ft distance.

Leading up to your elopement:

  1. I will be getting tested monthly or sometimes bimonthly (especially before and after any travel).
  2. I am being very diligent in washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding indoor places of any kind (other than to pick up food/grocery shop).

Elopements are so small. Don’t they make sense right now as a big wedding alternative?

Holy Toledo, yes. Elopements are small and flexible so, yes, they are really fantastic alternative to big weddings. There is no way of knowing when crowd restrictions will lift but with elopements that’s not something you have to worry about at all. Also, elopements are so super flexible, and if the need arises, way easier to relocate or postpone.

Having an elopement is a no brainer in terms of an alternative.

Is it wise to book our elopement with so much uncertainty going on?

I know this is probably counterintuitive, but actually yes. It really is. Here’s why: a *ton* of elopements and weddings have been postponed due to the coronavirus. So a lot of dates in late 2020 and all of 2021 that otherwise would be wide open, are actually filling up crazy fast.

It’s hard to look at the current state of things and not feel discouraged. I am all about going after the thing you want with focus and intention and having your wedding day be your best day ever. I am *also* about recreating responsibly and being armed with as much information as possible. And I 100% believe you can dream up and have this amazing elopement experience. Before the pandemic my stance was your wedding day should be your ultimate best day ever, your absolute peak existence. That you need to go after the thing you want and that you deserve to do the things that make your heart sing. That stance has only gotten stronger.

Stay safe friends. I can’t wait to adventure with you.

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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