This couple had a dreamy adventure elopement at sunset point in AZ. This spot was perfect for epic views without needing to venture into backcountry.

Desert Adventure Elopement Without the Miles

Desert Adventure Elopement

Aimee Flynn Photo

There are adventures out there that require a lot of walking. Or climbing. Or a 4×4 vehicle. Or a 3am wake up call. And listen, I am here for those days. I live for those days. But I’m also here for the days that are all adventure without the mileage. You can have the stunning views without doing a 14er, if that’s more your jam. This Adventure Elopement shoot is a perfect example of this.

First of all, yes, this is Arizona, I pinky swear. Under an hour drive from Phoenix and you could hardly recognize my desert state beneath all that GREEN. EVERYWHERE. If not for the errant cactus I would bet big bucks that most folks wouldn’t guess this was smack in the middle of the hottest state in the US. There is so much unexpected beauty in Arizona especially the spring, which is my favorite season out here and one of the best for elopements (for more info on things to consider if you want to elope in AZ, go here).

So, yeah. This elopement inspiration location looks like it was in the middle of nowhere in some remote corner of the Arizona mountains. Probably took a few miles to hike to, needed some trekking poles and boots, probably a pack loaded with supplies and gear.

Psych! This was about 20 feet from a parking lot just of the 17. Total hiking time: 12 seconds. I bring this is up because there are lots of folks out there with adventure in their heart but a long trek or hike is simply not in the cards for them, whether due to choice, ability, or another variable entirely. Not every adventure lover can pull off a 14er and that is 100% okay. Mad hikers are just as deserving of a peak existence adventure as someone who chooses to keep their physical activity low key on their wedding day. So this day had stunning views, mountains, sunset light… and a comfy couch. Do the thing you long to do. If you want a couch on a mountain vista… then do that thing. 🙂

Here’s something that I feel strongly about- no one in the shoot is a prop. I’ve noticed more and more in wedding photos that in situations where there’s a bride and groom, the groom sort of… becomes an accessory. And I am not here for that. I loved working with Elly and Michael because they were of that same mindset- Everyone is equally important here. This isn’t just about the bride and the groom is just sort of there. No. Not cool. Elopements and Adventure Weddings are about celebrating you as a couple. Together.

Want a little adventure elopement reception? Do that thing!

A little about this couple: Elly and Michael are both from Phoenix and just about the cutest, sweetest couple ever. I will say this till I’m blue in the face but yes, I am obsessed with epic views and stunning vistas but more than that I love laughter and fun. So when those two things combined for this couple it was magic.

Elly and Michael were down for anything and excited about everything. They were connected and silly and had fun the whole dang time. They snuggled, they smashed cake in each other’s faces, and if that isn’t love then I don’t know what is. And in between cake smashing and snuggles, these two took the time to really take in the beautiful and lush desert around us.

So, remember. You can have and are deserving up an epic, magical, stoke filled adventure elopement day. And you don’t need to hike a 14er in order to do it 🙂

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  1. I can’t belirvr they got a couch there! That cake looks so good. Beautiful job capturing the desert tones!

  2. Jenn says:

    This is the most gorgeous green desert session! I love how you’ve used an accessible location to create such a wild feeling.

  3. Sara says:

    Absolutely obsessed with these, the style the light the couple its all so perfect. you did amazing.

  4. Bettina Vass says:

    I have o words! These photos and experience are amazing! I am crying over here! Such a beautiful work!

  5. Kara says:

    Wow these are stunning! And YES not every adventure needs a long hike. Love your editing style!

  6. Alycia says:

    Love the colors

  7. Wow! I can’t believe this is Arizona, those colors are amazing and I thought you were somewhere in Colorado at first. I love shoots that have epic views with little to no hiking. Don’t get me wrong I love hiking but sometimes it’s nice to drive up to an epic location! Your work is incredible.

  8. Ahh I love everything about this!!!

  9. Nicole says:

    Aw this is so cute! Well captured! And I love that they did a mini reception for themselves!

  10. I love that you emphasize that you don’t have to go on a crazy hike to have an amazing elopement!! Everyone deserves to love their elopement – not just the adventurous 🙂

  11. Wow these are stunning and that copper arch is EVERYTHING! Such a beautiful elopement!

  12. anna says:

    these are gorgeous!! i love the bright colors 🙂

  13. Randi says:

    Who knew that Arizona was green? Thats crazy! I love how the couple was able to have so many details at their elopement . These images are gorgeous !

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