This Utah elopement was the perfect blend of adventure and intentional moments. This couple never did it for the gram- they did it for them. Check it out!

Intentional + Personal Jeeping Utah Elopement

An Off-Road Utah Elopement Adventure

Oh, this day. From the moment C + M reached out, I knew this day was going to be one for the books (though… if you read on, you’ll see not for the reasons you may expect!). C+M told me right away that a big wedding “wasn’t their bag” and they were more crunchy than their professions may imply, and they wanted to take their wedding day to be a day that was truly a reflection of them. A day where they could have what they defined as their best day ever and not be influenced by any outside factors on what “they should do.” Hence their Utah elopement 🙂

C+M had actually rented a van and vanlifed around Utah as a trip in the years previous, and totally fell in love with the landscape. They fell so hard for Moab- so hard that they decided to make it the location for their Utah elopement. I was VERY excited about this (Moab is honestly one of the best places for an elopement) AND recreate their epic road via a ProMaster. It was so so amazing planning this day with these two-privacy was super important to them, as well as taking time to just enjoy their day together doing the things they love.

They started their Utah elopement at an amazing overlook to get ready in their ProMaster and watch the sunrise. The clouds clinging to the horizon made for the prettiest and softest light and C+M watched the canyons below change colors as the sun slowly rose. We journeyed a few minutes down the road for their ceremony, where C+M exchanges the *most* heartfelt and sweetest vows. To celebrate, they made breakfast in their van (which they had decorated the night before- so freaking cute- M is known for his amazing breakfast sandwiches on the road so it was only natural that the couple enjoyed the perfect egg sandwich (with coffee+whiskey) the morning they got married!

We all took a break during the heat of the day, then met back up for the casual, fun adventure part of the day and jeeped down the dirt road we’d looked down on during sunrise. We settled at a spot and (totally alone) C+M built a doughnut tower in lieu of a cake (complete with cake topper.) They sipped favorite beers as the sunset, and C surprised M with a photo album of all their adventures together. Then *I* surprised the couple, because a family member had reached out and sent a video of surprise toasts, which I shared with the couple on my phone.

We ended the day with exploring our picnic spot (all in chacos) and Jeeping back to Moab where we stopped in a random hotel to get some witnesses for the couples marriage license.

It was… honestly a perfect day. The thing that struck me the most was that every decision the couple made was in service of what they loved. Their experience was the most important thing and it led to one of the sweetest, chillest, and most personal elopements I’ve been a part of so far. It was amazing.

C+M, thank you so much for trusting me to be a part of your day. It was a *true* privilege to be a part of your adventure 🙂

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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  1. Kelcee says:

    oH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Their wedding day is soo beautiful! My favorites are their donut cake with them on top of it and them standing on the jeep! Their adventure looked soo much fun!!

  2. Rachel says:

    The colors, the lighting, the jeep! This is perfection. I love how they implemented a more casual shoot too. This is amazing, great job!

  3. Kylie says:

    Holy moly! these are INSANE!! their entire vibe is straight up goal worthy! Amazing photos!!!

  4. I’ll just be over here bawling! Love this elopement so much as you can really see the couples personality come to life in how they chose to spend their day. Lovely editing, too!

  5. Alexa says:

    Now THIS is how you elope. I felt like I was right alongside the couple as I looked through these photos. Also, they are such a cool couple and I want to be friends with them. All in all, I love these photos!!

  6. Love these and the way you captured the couple and the canyons together. Looks out of this world!

  7. Ann Marie says:

    LOVE this so much!! What an incredible day and so love the surprise toasts too from family/friends – what a sweet idea! Gorgeous photos and just love seeing such unique celebrations! 🙂

  8. Justyna says:

    Jeeping in Utah for an Elopement is absolutely stunning! Such an amazing adventure!

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