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I’ve mentioned before that Arizona has a way more diverse landscape that most people give it credit for. The huge sprawling Ponderosa Pine forest north of Phoenix is one of my favorite hidden gems. Especially because its home to the Mogollon Rim. Truth time: Though I love Arizona and her funky cacti and stark landscapes. […]

This sunset Arizona Elopement at the Mogollon Rim is rad inspiration for adventerous couples who want a little desert, a little forest, and a *big* cliff.

And now we head north for Part II of Michael and Todd’s epic Arizona Adventure Session! (If you haven’t seen Part I, check it out here!) Michael and Todd really wanted to see Antelope Canyon during their trip, so I tagged along for a group tour (note: the group tours in Antelope are crazy crowded […]

Here's part II of Michael and Todd's Arizona Adventure Session! We adventured to Northern Arizona for stunning slot canyons and iconic Horseshoe Bend!

Michael and Todd visited from Chicago in April, which in the midwest is a month that feels like it should be gearing up towards summer but always somehow winds up more like winter. They requested epic views and fun hikes so, jamming as much into the experience we drove north to Sedona and then later […]

Michael and Todd traded cold midwest weather for sunny, epic views during their Hiking Adventure session in Sedona Arizona.

When you think of Arizona, what do you think of? Blasted earth? Tumbleweeds? Oppressive, stifling heat? Maybe something that looks like this: That’s what I imagined when I first visited Arizona many years ago. I visited in February and happily wore shorts and tank tops in Phoenix. Then I went to Sedona. It was 40 […]

Wanting to have an AZ elopement but worrying you may melt in the desert heat? Consider these five factors and you can have a blast and still stay cool.