Slot Canyon Adventure Session in Page, AZ | Aimee Flynn Photo
This winter slot canyon adventure session is jam-packed with emotions. Slot Canyons provide the perfect adventurous backdrop for engagements and elopements.

Slot Canyon Adventure Session in Page, AZ

Arizona comes in all shapes and sizes. She has forests, deserts, lakes, snow, fields of flowers, rivers, and canyons. Oh, Arizona’s Canyons. And I’m not even talking about her most famous canyon. There are a tone of rad places in Arizona, but Page Arizona is *the place* for a slot canyon adventure session.

(And if you are interested in eloping in a slot canyon, or Antelope Canyon, the most famous of Page’s canyons, check out this blog post.

Jodi + Zach (who also happen to be a really amazing team of husband and wife photographers) are no strangers to adventure; they’d just eloped in Scotland and they call Colorado home. The canyon was *cold* (pro-tip: the desert can get super, super cold. It dumped a ton of snow on us this very night and the next day. And then again in May. Bring layers, come prepared) but not to sound like a complete and utter cheese-ball I think the cold air just encouraged Jodi + Zach to snuggle up more because they are so so so adorable.

I think I say this about once a week but as much as a love an epic view (and I do, I really really do) I love fun and joy and playfulness more. It was so fun to see Jodi + Zack just fully lean into one another and simply play. That’s what this is all about- you and your love having the time of your lives in the place of your dreams. And slot canyons really are the stuff of dreams.

How amazing is this jacket? It matched the sandstone walls soooo well.

Florals: Sarah Siegel with @theflowermethod
Hand-painted leather Jacket with Fringe: @ellen_walker_design
This particular Slot Canyon is located in Page, Arizona (on Navajo Land) and it does require a permit. If this location strikes your fancy for a slot canyon adventure session or elopement in I can for sure help ya out!

  1. Brogan Flemming says:

    Such a dream location! Great work!

  2. maya lora says:

    Woah prettiest slot canyon elopement ever! Love how you captured them so candidly!

  3. I feel like you’ve made it when you can shoot in an elopement in slot canyon! SOOO COOL!!! amazing eits too

  4. Aneisa says:

    This is seriously the dreamiest shoot I have ever seen!

  5. Janira says:

    So pretty! Love them all!!!

  6. Van Gachnang says:

    These are just gorgeous! I love the little bit of movement you added in a small space, it really gives these photos something special.

  7. Ooh I love this. And they have the best style! Such and epic session.

  8. The slot canyons are so majestic and romantic, love this!

  9. Lauren says:

    These are SOOO beautiful and fun!! Absolutely love your edits and the location! 🙂

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