Romantic and Rainy Moab Micro Wedding

Ah, the desert. Land of golden light, red rocks, and colorful sunsets. I think that’s what most people think of when they think of the desert- but it may surprise you that Moab is also the land of moody rainstorms and clouds in the canyons. Because, yes, it does rain in the desert. And this rainy Moab Micro Wedding is total proof you don’t need to be afraid of the weather. In fact? When you embrace it? Magic happens.

M + C reached out to me about a year before their elopement. They wanted Moab, but without the crowds. And spring (think February and March) in Moab *is* amazing- but it does carry with it the potential plot twists of winter/early spring weather.

I try to bring up the potential of weather (and how we can totally roll with it) during the whole planning process so folks can be prepared. And I’d been watching the weather in the weeks leading up to their elopement (like I always do) and I realized I needed to send a very specific weather update email- namely that it was almost certain to rain on their day. I always compose these emails carefully because I think it’s natural for their to be some disappointment, but I mean this genuinely, weather *also* makes for some truly stunning photos and I always really want to assure my couples of this.

And to M + C’s everlasting credit, they responded with “The desert is beautiful no matter what. Whatever happens, happens!”

Which is *exactly* the attitude to go into a Rainy Moab Micro Wedding with. We met up for sunrise, and the rain held off for donuts and coffee and desert cliff exploring. The rain picked up in the middle of the day, then very graciously paused during the couples ceremony (which- there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, myself included. Such a sweet and loving ceremony). But the rain could only hold off for so long, so while the couple toasted, the rain came. And M + C *ran* with it. Literally. Ditching umbrellas, jumping in puddles, totally leaning into the whole rainy romanticism of it all. They were totally troopers and we had *such* a blast.

And the images? Swoon. Do take a peek. Like I always say. A rainy, moody desert is a beautiful desert. And this rainy Moab Micro Wedding is one for the books 🙂

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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  1. Aimee! These photos are phenomenal! I love that you captured a rare rainy moment! I love how you captured the beauty of the desert with some of those rainy elements. Fantastic job as always!

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