This dog friendly hiking elopement in Southern Arizona uses the Arizona Trail as a perfect back drop for this chill and emotional elopement.

Dog Friendly Hiking Elopement in Southern AZ

Laid Back Hiking Elopement with Doggos!

Sometimes you elope somewhere so that it becomes special… and sometimes you elope somewhere because *it already is* special. The second was definitely the case for Stephanie and Jeremy, who chose to have their hiking elopement in a small town the loved and on the Arizona Trail.

It made prefect sense, as Jeremy and Stephanie are avid hikers (indeed, their honeymoon involved backpacking and cycling through Colorado!). They always bring their faithful pups, Henry and Millie along for their adventures so their elopement was no difference. All of this made the perfect recipe for a relaxed and laid back hiking elopement, complete with dog antics.

The day started at a leisurely pace at the couples (extremely cute) airbnb. Stephanie and Jeremy had the loveliest first look before cutting their amazing desert themed cake (because it’s an elopement and you can do things in any order you want).

The weather was warm, but wacky that day, with the sky a strange shade of pink and gray from the neighboring California fires. The haze brought from relief from the Arizona sun, so hiking a mile or so on the trail was no trouble at all. Once at their elopement spot the couple enjoyed some Natural Light (the first beer in space), enjoyed the scenery, and watched their dogs play. The exchanged tearful vows as the faint pink sun dipped behind the desert mountains. Just as they kissed and were officially married… Henry made sure the spotlight was still on him with the most typical dog move EVER (you’ll have to scroll to see what I mean). I haven’t laughed that hard during an elopement… really ever

The couple celebrated their marriage with champagne, made it official with signing the marriage license, and strolled down the trail. The light left the sky fast so we donned head lamps and hiked back to the trailhead in the dark, concluding their hiking elopement. It was a peaceful, fun, and relaxed day- a day that perfectly reflected the couple.

It was such a lovely day and I felt lucky and honored to be a part of it.

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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  1. Silvia says:

    I love they brought their dogs to their hiking elopement! I would definitely do the same <3 Also, amazingly captured

  2. So cute! Dogs should be in e dry elopement!

  3. Ashley Joyce says:

    I love how casual and candid these elopement photos are! I love your photography style – it’s so gorgeous!

  4. Cara says:

    On my gosh so many sweet moments at this southern Arizona elopement! And her dress is freeking gorgeous!!!! Love it so much.

  5. Heather Huie says:

    This pup looks like the best companion! I especially love the headlamp pic too

  6. Taylor says:

    This is precious! You beautifully captured their day…and the doggo too! Great scenery and lovely couple!

  7. Stacy says:

    What a cute story! Love these photos. Dogs really make elopements even more special. 🙂

  8. angela hays says:

    You captured this elopement perfectly! All of the details, the location, the couple, their experience. I love it. Also, your site looks great. I totally wanted to click on more posts!

  9. Havilah says:

    I love this elopement!!!! So fun to have their dog with them as well!

  10. Havilah says:

    I love this elopement!!!! Love that their dog was part of it – how sweet!

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