Dawn to Dusk Desert Elopement

This business is a funny thing. I always get such a kick out of how people find me- usually it’s through google, or instagram, or maybe another vendor referral. But in this case, T + J’s desert elopement came to be because I went to college with their cousin, who I’m still friends with on Facebook. She sent my info their way during their wedding planning process (thinking their desert elopement plans were the perfect fit for me)…and the rest is history.

I’m gonna spoil how this elopement turned out now; it was amazing. I’m mentioning how it ended now, because the road to this elopement in Moab was not an easy one for this couple. One of the many couples whose plans were turned upside down by Covid, then the first replan was canceled due to a significant loss days close to the new elopement date. T + J shared with me on the phone it had been hard to plan after that- with so many disappointments, it was hard for them to muster excitement. Every couple deserves an amazing elopement day, but after hearing their story I was determined to do all I could to make sure they had the desert elopement they deserved. Before we hung up, they said that they could feel that little kernel of excitement growing again, and I was *so* glad.

The day of their desert elopement arrived, sunny and perfect. We hiked out to their ceremony spot, and ran into another couple eloping. Their elopement spot is pretty big, so it was easy to give each other loads of space and privacy while each couple exchanged vows. It was actually sweet- though we couldn’t see them, when T + J were officially married, yelled out “FINALLY!” and screamed out with excitement, we could hear the other couple and their photographers cheer their congratulations. We returned the favor when they too, yelled out in excitement after their vows.

After their vows, we explored a mossy alcove and some sunny cliffs. Takashi scrambled on some rocks and both of them just in general had the best time, alternating between stoke, silliness, and affection.

We met up again for the sunset part of the day (pro tip: this is my most popular timeline! Splitting hours of coverage between sunrise and sunset is a great way to get two locations, have a break, and get the most of the best light). The couple had a picnic at one of the best sunset spots in town, celebrated with a toast, then took in the absolutely WILD sunset. The desert really put on a show for them, and as the sky exploded with color, I silently thanked the desert for such a perfect end to the day for these two. They really deserved it.

We had some fun in their jeep headlights before ending the day. It was… an amazing day. All elopements are amazing, but there was something about this one that was so hard earned that made it all the sweeter. I truly feel honored to have been a part of this elopement, and am even more grateful I could help restore some excitement and happiness for this supremely wonderful couple.

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— Ryan + Styhiln

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